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Fly Free: Simple Flyscreen Upgrades for SheShed Cabins

Adding flyscreens to your SheShed cabin is a fantastic way to enhance comfort by keeping out insects while letting in fresh air. While our cabins offer a few different types…

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The SheShed 5 Star Guarantee

A Commitment to Unparalleled Quality and Support In a world where the fine print often holds unpleasant surprises and customer support can feel like navigating a labyrinth, SheShed stands apart.…

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Approval information for your SheShed

When it comes to creating your personal haven with a SheShed cabin in Australia, we are here to support your navigating the rules and regulations regarding council consent. Each state…

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Why Would You Rent A Cabin When You Can OWN One?

Having a SheShed is a great way to add some space onto your property to accommodate that extra family member, dream business, home office, therapy room, kits retreat... whatever your…

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SheShed Interviews A Builder - What You Need To Know!

Yaro is a licensed building practitioner who is based in the Nelson/Tasman region, New Zealand. He owns his own firm called Craftmak and has had plenty of years of experience…

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All About Untreated and Treated Timber with SheShed

At SheShed we supply our cabins in either treated or untreated timber (and sometimes both options) – both of which have strong characteristics of durability and stability as they are…

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All About Asphalt Shingle Tiles With SheShed

At SheShed we supply two types of roofing for our cabins depending on the style you are ordering. In this blog we will cover the properties and uses of asphalt…

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What Is Nordic Spruce?

Our SheShed cabins are made from Nordic Spruce, which is part of the Pinaceae family, the same family of trees as fir, pine, and even cedar. Nordic spruce is grown…

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Can Bathroom or Kitchen Facilities be Added to Your SheShed Log Cabin?

Our SheShed flatpack kitset cabins are the perfect way to add extra living space to your home, or create a backyard office, or finally get that dedicated hobby workspace. But…

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How Much Should it Cost to Hire a Builder to Build my Flatpack Shed Kitset?

Occasionally our customers will ask us what they should expect in terms of costs for hiring a builder for their flatpack kitset shed, so, we thought we’d make a guide,…

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How To Add Power To Your SheShed Cabin.

If you're just starting to build your SheShed cabin kitset or have been using it for a while and want to add power, this blog post is for you. Power…

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Weatherproofing Your Timber Cabin 

If you've just built yourself a beautiful timber cabin, the last thing you want is for it to be ruined by the weather… We want your cabin to last for…

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