Sheds for Art & Hobbies

Looking for a dedicated art, craft, garden or sewing studio space but don’t have the room for one? A SheShed cabin is the perfect place for an artist to work in privacy and peace. With space to store supplies, a sewing or work bench and plenty of room to work on your creations, our wooden cabins are the perfect way to focus on your art, pottery, painting, sewing, flowers, and crafting.

Plus, our Sheds are designed for beauty and relaxation, so it’s the perfect environment for creative inspiration, and the added bonus of being able to escape to your private studio whenever you need some peace and quiet makes these kitset cabins ideal for any kind of creative artist or garden lover.

We have a range of affordable options to suit all sizes and budgets. They’re easy to build yourself or use our network of trusted builders across Australia. We offer delivery Australia-wide.

Artist working from her outdoor studio

Art Studio

A SheShed cabin is the perfect place for an artist to paint or create in privacy and peace. Plenty of room for an easel, a working space, plenty of windows and light, and room to store art supplies and tools. Look out to your beautiful gardens through the french doors and breathe in that inspiration for your next art piece.
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Artist supplies in a hobby shed

Craft & Hobby Space

Design, craft, cut and create to your heart’s desire in your dedicated SheShed Craft Studio. Let’s be honest, crafting can be a messy business and sometimes you don’t always have the time to clean as you go. In your own dedicated space there’s no need to worry. Designed for space and relaxation, so it’s the perfect environment for creative inspiration.
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Sewing studio for sale

Sewing Room

A backyard cabin is the perfect sewing studio for those of us who love to sew. Arrange your cabin to your needs. Workspace in the middle with storage all around? Or your desk & machine on one side and ironing board on the other? It’s your decision! Whether it is for a hobby or business, SheShed gives you a dedicated sewing space to escape and create.
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Garden Shed, Wooden Kitset Detached Cabin for tools and flower potting

Garden & Potting shed

Become a true green thumb and watch your plants or flowers flourish in your own SheShed potting shed. There’s plenty of space to hang your tools on the walls of these detachable wooden cabins. Add work benches and shelving to make your potting shed the backyard garden storage of your dreams!
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Farm Stall at Roadside in NZ

Music Room

Escape into your own private sanctuary with a backyard cabin music room. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, having a dedicated space to practice and create can take your passion to the next level. It's time to turn up the volume and make some magic!
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Farm Stall at Roadside in NZ

Pottery Studio

Whether you're a professional potter or a beginner, our cabins provide a comfortable and peaceful environment to express your passion for ceramics. Invest in your craft and create beautiful pieces right in the comfort of your backyard.
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Garden Shed, Wooden Kitset Detached Cabin for tools and flower potting

Wooden & Timber Sheds

A wooden shed is a harmonious extension of your home, a quaint addition that enhances the beauty of your outdoor space and a practical storage solution for all your needs.
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Creating a dedicated space for your business or hobby in a SheShed gives you the space you need to unleash your creative side and work in peace.

Customise to suit you

Do you want a light-filled & airy space, dark & moody or quiet and softly lit. Create a studio space that lets your inner artist be its best.

Protection & Preservation

Keep small fingers, and small paws away from your workspace. Know that you can leave your supplies & masterpieces out without the worry of who (or what) might get to them.

Space & Storage

Whether you love storage and everything having its own place. Or you love to spread out. You’ll have the space for work surfaces & storage in your own SheShed cabin creative space.

Which SheShed would you build?

We have different shed sizes available from just a 5 square metre garden shed, right up to 29 square metres for a luxury sleepout. Call us today to talk with one of our shed consultants, and we’ll help figure out the best option for you.
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