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What Is Nordic Spruce?

Our SheShed cabins are made from Nordic Spruce, which is part of the Pinaceae family, the same family of trees as fir, pine, and even cedar. Nordic spruce is grown in Northern European countries like Latvia and Estonia where the climate is a lot colder, thus creating a finer, even texture with a straighter grain. Slower-growing trees like Nordic spruce, have a denser fibre structure than other related species like radiata pine, giving it the following qualities:

  • Highly durable and strong in structure.
  • More resistant to decay.
  • Easy to work with, especially as the knots are smaller.
  • Easily takes nails, screws, and glues well.
  • Wood shrinkage is minimized.
  • Accurate and straight so that the measured and cut components of your SheShed fit together seamlessly.

The wood is kiln-dried by 14%-16% in specialized drying chambers to prevent the deformation of its structure. This ensures the wood used for your SheShed fits together nicely when assembled.

Your SheShed cabin is designed for you to enjoy for a very long time, and we recommend painting both the inside and outside of your cabin so you can optimize the longevity of your SheShed even further. (A proper paint job creates a watertight membrane for your timber, you could think of it like putting on a pair of rubber gloves, like you would do to protect your hands from stains and chemicals.)

Our cabins with 28mm timber have a natural insulation of R1.96 for the walls, whereas our cabins with 44mm timber are approximately R3.08 without added insulation. These ratings are great for the warmth in a SheShed cabin, especially when combined with the included double-glazed doors and windows and optional ceiling insulation too. 

Sustainability and environmental friendliness are important to both us and our customers, so our timber suppliers are also PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified, and even take additional steps like replanting more trees than are harvested. 

Building your very own SheShed is not only a durable and trustworthy option, but also an ethical choice too. Have a chat to our friendly team at SheShed to discuss your many kitset options now or book a complimentary Zoom tour to see a SheShed already built and in action!

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