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How Much Should it Cost to Hire a Builder to Build my Flatpack Shed Kitset?

When you’re considering purchasing a log cabin flatpack or kitset shed for that extra backyard space, and you know you don’t have either the time, tools, or the skills to take on the project yourself, your next step is to figure out who will assemble the kitset for you. Many of our SheShed customers have friends or family members with the classic Do-It-Yourself know-how required to take on a project like this, but for everyone else, you must look at hiring a handyman, carpenter, builder, or other suitably experienced trades person to either assist or handle the whole thing for you.

Occasionally our customers will ask us what they should expect in terms of costs for hiring a builder for their flatpack kitset shed, but the problem with answering that question is that there’s no fixed recommended price or even a simple guide to figuring that out. So, we thought we’d make one, and here it is!

An Untreated Star Cabin by SheShed Under Construction

What are 6 Variables that can Affect the Price of a Shed Build?

  1. Qualification: A fully licensed builder may be more expensive than a fence/deck builder, or than a skilled handyman/woman or a kitset assembly service provider. - Anyone who is comfortable with building a deck or a sturdy wooden fence, should be more than capable of assembling a SheShed cabin!
  2. Location: Different regions and cities will have different average wages and costs, so bear that in mind when comparing your build costs to anyone else’s or to our estimates below.
  3. Time of the year: It may take longer to build your cabin if there are frequent delays because of wet or stormy weather, and this may bring extra costs from your builder.
  4. Accessibility: How easy is it to access your property, how close can the packages be placed to the build site? In some difficult locations it may take extra time just to carry the kitset parts to the desired location. Something else to consider is how far are you from main centres or the builder’s base location? (If you’re hiring someone, make sure you confirm who is paying for their travel to your property.)
  5. Build site: If the build location is on a slope, is there adequate drainage, how hard or soft is the soil? These questions all determine what kind of base or foundation you’ll need to use. Also see on our blog: What do I use for my SheShed Foundation? (Opens in a new browser tab)
  6. Your kitset options: What size of cabin kitset have your purchased, (bigger cabins take longer to build)? Are there any extra alterations you’ve requested that could take longer, like installing extra doors and windows or adding a deck? Click here to browse our different cabin and shed sizes. (Opens in a new browser tab)

SheShed Star Cabin Under Constrcution for Emilys Floral Workshop

Some Average Build-Cost Examples:

We can’t account for everything, so all other things being equal, let’s compare some estimated build costs for each of our log cabin kitsets based on building it on top of an existing concrete pad. The following recommendations don’t include timeframes to construct the foundation or subbase for the cabin to be placed on.

Kitset Models:Average Build Time:Average Costs (Cabin Only):
Cottage Garden Shed, Star, or Cabana:2-4 Days$1,800 to $3,000
Star Summit/Canopy, Tussock, or Ranch:3-6 Days$2,000 to $4,000
Coastal, Star Deluxe, or Tasman:4-8 Days$3,000 to $6,000
Alpine, Brook, or Lake:6-12 Days$4,500 to $9,000

(These estimates apply for both AUD and NZD, and are based on the most common costs that our customers have reported to us).

Additional Time & Costs to Consider:

Unlike our example above, in most cases you won’t have the perfect concrete pad already existing to build on, so here are some more things you’ll need to take into account when budgetting for the cost of building a flatpack kitset cabin…

  • Foundation Material & Construction Costs. In most cases, as a ball-park figure, the cost of materials and labour for building a subframe/foundation should not be more than the cost of labour for building the kitset itself! The foundation you need will depend on the size of your cabin and what your property is like. See our other article from the SheShed blog: What do I use for my SheShed Foundation? (Opens in a new browser tab)
  • Underfloor Insulation. We always recommend that you add underfloor insulation while building your cabin. We don't supply this because it’ll be the most cost-effective if you or your builder buys it direct from your local building supplier. See our other article from the SheShed blog: Should I Insulate my Wooden Shed? (An Insulation Overview) (Opens in a new browser tab)
  • Foundation Fixing Hardware. We include the floor joists and everything you need above that point in your flatpack kitset, but you’ll need to source your own screws to secure the joists to your chosen foundation type. (If you’re hiring a builder, he’ll probably know what you need, or you can give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.)
  • Painting! See our other article from the SheShed blog: Do I have To Paint My Timber Cabin? (Opens in a new browser tab)
  • Travel Time. As we mentioned earlier in this article, if you’re hiring a builder, make sure you check with them who is paying for their travel to your property, especially if you live rurally.
  • Electrician. If you want to add electrical power to your finished SheShed, you can ask a local electrician for a quote. See our other article from the SheShed blog: How To Add Power To Your SheShed Cabin. (Opens in a new browser tab)

Looking for a Builder for Your Flatpack Kitset Shed?

We’ve put together a list of builders and handy-persons here on our website that you can reach out to about building your flatpack kitset shed for you. Whilst we take a lot of care to search out & recommend installers that provide exceptional service & workmanship, you as the client need to ensure that you feel comfortable that whoever you choose to engage to complete the building phase of your project will work to get the desired outcome you are looking for. 

We are constantly updating our builder database with tradespeople that are recommended from our other SheShed clients, but remember that it is your responsibility to verify that they will be able to complete the project to your satisfaction, as you are responsible for the engagement and management of their services. But there’s nothing like finding a gold tradie who is happy, confident and makes the build project a joy!

Have you already built a SheShed and had a good (or bad) experience with your builder or other trades person?

We’d love to know about it! We’re also looking for customer recommendations on great electricians, painters, interior stylists, or anybody else who’s helped make your backyard cabin dream come true, so contact us to let us know who worked well for your build project!

Do you have any questions?

We would love to help answer those for you!


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