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Granny Flat Kits

Since 2016 She Shed have supplied hundreds of our smart, prefab granny flat kits around Australia. As a cost-effective way to add extra accommodation space in your backyard, they can’t be beaten. Whether it’s for a grandparent or just extra room, our stylish timber granny flats tick all the boxes of comfort, durability, ease of assembly and price.

Our range of granny flat kits can be easily DIY assembled and finished by most handy people but we also have trusted builders across Australia to take care of construction for you. We deliver Australia-wide.

Dream Spaces with Granny Flat Kits

Need an extra room when you have guests over? Or looking to create the perfect nature retreat within your backyard? Our granny flat kits are designed to bring you convenience and comfort in every way. Ideal for adding extra accommodation space in your backyard, these kits offer a stylish, durable, and cost-effective solution. Perfect for when your in-laws visit, during your kid’s sleepover party with their friends or even providing that much-needed additional room, our granny flats kit homes are the answer to your space needs. At SheShed, we provide an assortment of sheds in Australia to inspire creativity and give your lifestyle a stunning upgrade.


Prefab Granny Flat: Quick & Efficient Setup

Skip the construction and choose a prefab granny flat for a fast and efficient way to expand your living space. At SheShed, our prefabricated kits come ready for assembly, ensuring a hassle-free setup process with clear and easy-to-follow instructions. Carefully designed to have a modern appeal and quality construction, our prefab granny flats are an excellent addition to any property.


Granny Flat Kits to Maximise Your Backyard's Potential

When it comes to home and living, you want to make the most out of your surface areas no matter if it’s with smart storage solutions or multi-purpose rooms. This idea extends to your outdoor area. Take advantage of your backyard space and uplift it with a shed granny flat. These kits combine the practicality of a shed with the comfort of a granny flat, offering a unique solution for extra living space. Whether it's for family, guests, or rental opportunities, these versatile structures serve multiple purposes.


Dual-Purpose Shed with Granny Flat

Merging a shed with a granny flat offers a dual-purpose solution for your backyard. At SheShed, we believe in creativity and support your passionate pursuits with our innovative ideas. This includes our granny flat kits as they allow you to have a functional storage shed while also enjoying the benefits of a peaceful and cosy granny flat – an escape within your home. It's a beautiful and efficient way to use your outdoor space.


Add a Personal Touch with Our Granny Flat Kits

Each granny flat kit is designed with customisation and affordability in mind. These kits are a smart choice for those looking for a high-quality, low-cost housing solution. With various styles and sizes available, you can tailor your granny flat to suit your specific needs and preferences. From timber sheds that give your outdoor space a sophisticated flair to a prefab backyard studio for your hobbies, they are amazing investments for a luxe lifestyle.

Stylish and durable, SheShed brings an array of cabins to choose from to provide quick and elegant solutions to space challenges. Made from quality materials, they are built to last and withstand various weather conditions. Home retreats are better with your granny flats kit homes.


Creative Possibilities with Our Granny Flat Kits

Want to explore more shed design ideas with our granny flat kit? We have plenty of inspiration ready. Whether you're looking to create a garden workshop, an arts and crafts studio, or a unique yoga rejuvenation area, our designs can help you envision the perfect shed to accompany your granny flat.

Airbnb Cabins: Turn Your Space into a Profit

Our granny flat kits can also serve as charming Airbnb cabins. With the rising popularity of special rental accommodations and tiny home getaways, your granny flat can become a source of income while providing guests with a memorable stay.

Cabins for Stylish Entertainment

Enhance your outdoor entertaining with our backyard bar kits. These kits can be a fun addition to your granny flat, offering a perfect spot for gatherings and celebrations. You can also browse our pool shed ideas for a functional and stylish poolside addition, sure to be handy on every occasion, especially during the holiday season. These sheds can be used for storing pool equipment or as a comfortable changing area, complementing your granny flat kit and pool space.

Eco-Friendly Living with Off-Grid Tiny House

If you like to take time away from the hustle of daily life with a tranquil escape, consider transforming a shed granny flat into an off-grid tiny house. These sustainable living spaces are ideal for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint while enjoying a simple, efficient lifestyle.


Why Choose SheShed’s Granny Flat Kits?

Our prefab granny flat is ideal for your home for several reasons:

  • Stylish designs to complement your home or add a contrasting touch.
  • Quality pressure-treated European timber for stability and durability.
  • Super cosy all year round with insulation options to suit all climates.
  • Fast delivery and installation (DIY or use our recommended builders) to have your granny flat built sooner.
  • Very affordable thanks to smart design, flat pack shipping and prefab construction.

Discover our selection today and experience an improved lifestyle.

Bedroom set up in a granny flat
inside a prefab granny flat
a kit granny flat
a flat pack granny flat kit

Build a kit-based granny flat and you’ll enjoy having your family staying for longer.

Enjoy those family moments
Having family so close by you’ll be spending time together whenever you want.

Keep your Privacy
Family can move into the granny flat instead of crowding out the house.

A place for everyone
Family tensions will be avoided when everyone has a place of their own.

Create a stylish granny flat your family will love with a SheShed kit cabin.

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