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Backyard Studio Kits For Home Based Businesses

Dreaming of creating your own backyard studio space for your business? We’re Australia’s specialists in backyard studio kits, with a wide range of options whether you need an office space, a photography studio, somewhere to meet clients, a gallery, yoga studio, gym, nail salon, hair studio, dog grooming salon, day spa, massage studio or… whatever you require!

With a SheShed garden studio kit, you can get away from the distractions of home and focus on your business. Our DIY studio kits are easy to assemble, or you can use our Australia-wide network of trusted builders to do it all for you.

Backyard Studios, Home Retreat

With the daily demands of life, many seek spaces for escape within their homes. SheShed helps you discover the potential of your outdoor space with our backyard studios and kit sheds. These serene spaces are perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of creativity, peace, or functionality to their outdoor area. Perfect for artists who want to let their imaginations run, as a home office where your work is separated from your living space or even for those seeking a quiet retreat. Our backyard studio kits Australia-wide offer the ideal solution.


Outdoor Studios: Your Fuss-Free Sanctuary

Create a space that brings convenience and style to your life with a prefab backyard studio. Our outdoor studios are designed to complement your garden and home seamlessly, offering a quick and efficient way to build a personal paradise. Our timber sheds are perfect for those who want an elegant, ready-made solution without the hassle of traditional construction. An exquisite retreat where you can do yoga, paint, or just relax, and a popular choice among homeowners.


Backyard Studios for Productivity

Bring a natural element to your workspace with our outdoor studios and craft a space that inspires creativity and productivity, right in your backyard. With our prefab garden studio kits, you can enjoy a peaceful haven, perfect for artists, writers and nature lovers.

For more ideas on how you can personalise your backyard studios. Explore our cool shed designs and take inspiration from the limitless ways you can shape your backyard studios to fit your unique tastes and reflect your personality. Our backyard studios can also be customised to fit various needs. Need extra living space? Make your outdoor studios into a shed with a granny flat. Or perhaps you’re looking for an additional income stream? An Airbnb shed might be the answer.


Elegant Prefab Garden Studio: Healthy & Green Living

Our off-grid cabins Australia collection provides the perfect opportunity for those who dream of a sustainable lifestyle. These studios can be equipped to function independently, offering a peaceful and eco-friendly escape. We provide various sizes of outdoor studios, allowing you to customise a home for yourself.


Entertain Easily with a Prefab Backyard Studio

Love entertaining? Upgrade your space with our ideas for a pool house, treating your guests and yourself to a private mini-home resort. Functional and stylish, our backyard studio kits, Australia-wide, also make wonderful backyard bar kits, providing space for poolside relaxation and entertainment.

At SheShed, we believe your backyard should be as beautiful and functional as the rest of your home. Our range of backyard studios offers just that – a perfect blend of beauty, functionality, and versatility.

Take a look below at what our customers use their SheShed backyard studios for:

ideas on how to set up your home office studio

Home Office

Transform your backyard into a productive haven with a cabin home office! Say goodbye to noisy distractions and hello to a dedicated workspace that lets you focus on what matters most.
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Hair & Beauty Studio

With the convenience of having your salon in your backyard you can save on costly rental fees, and reduce your commute time. Turn your dream of owning a home-based hair and beauty business into a reality with a She Shed cabin!
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Retail & ShopFront

Transform your backyard into a unique retail destination with our versatile backyard cabins. Whether you are selling clothing, jewellery, or handcrafted goods, our cabins provide a beautiful and functional setting to showcase your products and grow your business.
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Floral Studio

Enjoy a private space to design and arrange stunning floral arrangements for clients or simply pursue your passion. With ample natural light and a peaceful environment, you'll find yourself inspired by the beauty of nature.
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Air BnB Cabin

Create cosy and stylish accommodation in your own backyard with a SheShed Cabin. Perfect for Airbnb rentals, our fully customisable cabins offer flexibility, potential for extra income, and are built to last.
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Counselling & Therapy Rooms

Transform your practice with a peaceful sanctuary and create a comfortable space to help others heal. With our backyard cabins, you can easily set up a home-based counselling business that's both professional and private.
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Pet & Dog Grooming

Start your own dog grooming business and provide a comfortable and convenient space for your furry clients. With our customizable cabins, you can design a space that's perfect for your needs, complete with all the amenities and equipment necessary to pamper your pups. 
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Design Studio

A tranquil environment free of daily interruptions, offering a dedicated workspace to allow your creativity to flourish. Create a unique and professional space for your clients to visit, and take advantage of the flexible nature of your new backyard design studio.
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Health & Wellness

Enjoy the peace and privacy of your backyard retreat while offering your clients a space to rejuvenate their mind and body. The perfect oasis for those looking to elevate their health and wellness practice to new heights.
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Music Production Studio

Create your own sound and work from the comfort of your own backyard. With a range of customizable options, you can design the perfect space to inspire your creativity and turn your musical dreams into reality.
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Online Retail Business

Working from home has never been easier, with a dedicated workspace just a few steps from your door. Say goodbye to the chaos of home offices and hello to your own retail oasis. Let our cabins elevate your online business to new heights.
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Creating a dedicated space for your business or hobby in a SheShed gives you the space you need to unleash your creative side and work in peace.

Customise to suit you

Do you want a light-filled & airy space, dark & moody or quiet and softly lit. Create a studio space that lets your inner artist be its best.

Protection & Preservation

Keep small fingers, and small paws away from your workspace. Know that you can leave your supplies & masterpieces out without the worry of who (or what) might get to them.

Space & Storage

Whether you love storage and everything having its own place. Or you love to spread out. You’ll have the space for work surfaces & storage in your own SheShed cabin creative space.

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