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Do I have To Paint My Timber Cabin?

Yes, it is very important to paint your SheShed cabin after you have built it. Paint protects the exterior of your cabin from weather damage and helps to keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Additionally, a well-painted cabin both inside and out will help ensure that it stays functional and structurally sound over time.

In this Learning Hub article, we’ll discuss why we recommend painting your wooden SheShed kitset cabin – and share some tips on how to do it properly. Keep reading to learn more!

painting a kitset timber cabin

Painting Your Shed:

When painting your SheShed ensure that you use a minimum 3 coat system (Minimum 1 coat primer/ 2 top coats) on any timber surfaces including, but not limited to, Doors, Windows, Walls, and Facade components to:

  • Ensure the timber is protected and sealed.
  • Ensure the shed is weatherproof.
  • Prevent water ingress.
  • Reduce or prevent leaching/staining from the natural tannins in timber.
  • Ensure that the shed is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Preparation for painting:

Fill any cracks or knots with timber filler and sand before painting.

Pay careful attention when painting the end grains as the end grain of timber absorbs moisture at a much higher rate than the face or edges. Sealing the end grains properly will prevent “wicking” (absorbing of liquid by capillary action) and stains.

Most timbers, whether treated or untreated contain an amount of natural extractives called tannins, which can sometimes leach or bleed through the endgrain or knots in the wood, potentially causing a yellow/brown stain that is particularly visible on lighter colour paints. The potential for this staining can be reduced or eliminated by using a stain blocking primer when you paint your SheShed.

Paint, Colours & Your SheShed Warranty 

Our SheShed warranty only covers cabins that have been completely painted, with a minimum 3 coat system (Minimum 1 coat primer/ 2 top coats) on any timber surfaces including, but not limited to, Doors, Windows, Walls, and Facade components. The LRV value of the external paint, varnish or stain must be 40% or higher for the SheShed warranty to apply*.  We recommend a paint system that provides a film thickness of 80microns minimum. 

Varnishes & stains that don’t repel moisture or UV and don’t have an LRV value of greater than 40% are not suitable for use on SheShed products. 

If you are ever in doubt, is a great idea to chat to your paint specialist about the LRV index and what is best suited to your climate and shed location. When looking for paints for your exteriors, firstly make sure it is a good quality exterior paint and secondly check the LRV index. 

Find out more about LRV on our Blog  HERE.

*Whilst SheShed/ Fort Group may advertise SheShed cabins that have been painted with colours that have a lower LRV value than 40% we take no responsibility for defects than can manifest themselves into problems like warping, cupping, splitting, resin bleed and excessive shrinking/ timber movement, loosening of timber knots etc. 

Sealing & Weatherproofing:

  • Small vents can also be installed on opposite walls of the cabin to help balance the inside air pressure with the outside air pressure. Balancing of the air pressure will help reduce the capillary action of moisture and further weatherproof your shed.
  • Ensure that the gaps above the door and windows are covered with the trims and the gaps at the top walls (between walls & roof) are sealed with the sealant provided.

If you are planning to build a SheShed kitset cabin, be sure to choose a high-quality paint that is designed specifically for use on wood. There are many different paint types available, so do some research and talk to professionals about what will work best for your particular situation. With proper care and regular maintenance, you can be sure that your timber cabin will look great and function well for many years to come.

Do you have any questions?

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