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Our Favourite 5 SheShed Customer Small Businesses

In the world of creative entrepreneurship, the SheShed has emerged as a haven for small business owners to pursue their passions, cultivate ideas, and bring their visions to life. These charming retreats offer the perfect blend of workspace and personal sanctuary, allowing entrepreneurs to nurture their dreams while basking in the embrace of creativity. Join us as we explore our current 5 favourite SheShed Customer Small Business that are a testament to the power of ingenuity and the art of crafting success.

Waves Hair Salon

We are in love with this stunning, coastal-chic small business SheShed! Step into a world where style meets serenity – welcome to the Waves Hair Salon SheShed, a retreat that redefines the art of haircare inside one of our Cabana cabins with a custom canopy. This elegant haven stands as a testament to the fusion of creativity and beauty, inviting you to embark on a journey of transformation within its chic confines. The exterior hints at the luxurious experience that awaits, with its meticulously designed façade that captures the essence of modern sophistication. As you enter, the SheShed’s interior unfolds as a canvas of hairstyling artistry. Muted tones create an atmosphere of calm, allowing the vibrant hues of hair colour to take center stage.

Equipped with cutting-edge hairstyling tools, plush chairs that cradle clients in comfort, and mirrors, the Waves Hair Salon SheShed is a haven where beauty is elevated to an art form. The style of the SheShed is a seamless blend of coastal chic with delicate touches and textures that enchant the senses. Muted blush pink chairs beckon clients to relax in style while large tiled floors contribute to the atmosphere of spacious elegance. The reception desk is adorned with small tiles that reflect the play of light, adding a touch of glamour. Wooden slats, artfully imprinted with the elegant ‘Waves’ branding, create a sense of intimacy in the hair washing area located just behind the reception. The air is filled with tranquility as clients unwind in this secluded space.

Arched recess shelving adorned with chic coastal décor, houses a selection of hair products, cups and tea, inviting clients to indulge in relaxation. Under a window that bathes the room in natural sunlight, an elegant circular white sink basin takes center stage, inviting clients to experience luxury amidst their transformations. The walls and ceiling are painted white, creating an atmosphere of purity and serenity. This colour palette extends to the exterior, where the SheShed stands as a beacon of sophistication in the beautifully landscaped garden.  Mirrors, thoughtfully shaped in arches add to the elegance of the space, reflecting not only the physical transformations but the journey to self-confidence. Woven-basket light features suspended from the ceiling, cast a warm and welcoming glow, adding a touch of rustic charm to the contemporary coastal-chic aesthetic. Transparent white curtains allow natural light to gently filter in, creating a play of light and shadow that mirror the waves of hair and the ocean that inspire the brand. As the Waves Hair Salon SheShed stands as a beacon of beauty and artistry, it inspires us to believe in the transformative power of self-care. Amidst its elegantly curated space, hairstyling becomes a symphony of creativity and self-expression, where every appointment is an opportunity to create waves of change.

Boho Velvet Upholstery

Nestled amidst the serene charm of beautiful rolling hills and vineyards sits the “Boho Velvet Upholstery” small business in one of our Lake Cabins, standing as a haven of artistic expression and timeless comfort. This enchanting small business finds its home within our currently largest cabin design, boasting a generous 29 square meters of floorspace inviting creativity to flourish. Stepping into this whimsical realm, one is instantly enveloped by the refined fusion of bohemian allure and shabby chic elegance. Every corner of the SheShed is a display of creativity, a canvas where vintage finds and luxurious velvets intermingle seamlessly. The atmosphere is a symphony of colours and textures, where weathered wood co-exists with sumptuous fabrics in a dance of contrasts. The heart of the SheShed is dedicated to the art of sewing, with not one, but two designated spaces that cater to the meticulous work of crafting. Abundant storage solutions are fitted in the different sections of the cabin, housing an array of fabrics, threads, and notions, ensuring that every project finds its rightful materials. The gentle natural light filtering through the cabin's windows for every seam to be sewn and every stitch to be woven with care. For late nights or required extra light for fiddly details, vibrant tubular lighting hangs from the ceiling above allocated working spaces.

However the true magic unfolds in a special enclave within this haven- a dedicated area equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for the intricate craft of upholstery. Here, worn-out chairs and sofas find new life as they are lovingly adorned with the richness of velvet, the embodiment of luxury and comfort. The hum of machinery is a lullaby of transformation, turning old into new, and discarded into cherished. As the sun sets over the beautiful views of vineyards and rolling hills, the ‘Boho Velvet Upholstery SheShed’ remains a testament to the power of creative passions and skilled craftsmanship. It's a retreat where the past and present intertwine, where the threads of nostalgia and new visions are woven into every fabric and meticulously upholstered piece.

Flower Arrangement Workshop Haven

This country styled ‘Flower Arrangement Workshop Haven’ cabin invites you to step into a world of rustic refinement and creative floral wonder. With a blend of country charm and contemporary flair, this cabin becomes a haven where artistry and nature harmoniously converge. At the heart of this enchanting space rests a long, substantial wooden table, it’s white sturdy legs anchoring it firmly. This is where the magic of flower arranging workshops takes place! The mismatched white chairs that line both sides of the table add a touch of unassuming elegance, evoking the rustic essence of a country gathering. This arrangement radiates an inviting aura, beckoning individuals to gather around for a shared journey of creativity.

The cabins walls bear the marks of a carefully applied white-wash, allowing glimpses of natural wooden tones to peek through like secrets of the past. Toward the rear, a stroke of thoughtful ingenuity comes to life – the addition of two elongated windows placed along the back wall. These windows act as conduits for natural light, casting a soft, luminous glow upon the creative endeavors taking place within. It’s as if nature itself participates in the artistic process, lending its gentle touch to every arrangement. A long bench with a sink basin stands along one side of the cabin, an essential hub for all things floral where stems are cut in preparation for arrangement. The back of the cabin holds a touch of practical elegance – a small wooden dresser, unassuming yet captivating, holds a meticulously arranged bouquet of flowers in a vase. Beneath it, a speaker rests, poised to play melodies that inspire the artistic flow of flower arranging. Accompanied by small stools either side holding plant life and empty vases waiting for floral arrangements. Surrounded by the lush embrace of nature, painted in a soft inviting green that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Light blue-gray accents delicately adorn the doors and eaves, adding a touch of understated elegance that complements the cabin's rustic charm. A small deck extends a warm welcome, and two planter pots filled with greenery mark the entryway. Just as the cabin's inhabitants craft beautiful arrangements within, the cabin itself becomes a living testament to the artistry and harmony of nature inspired design.

Moutere Fruits Shop

Placed within the picturesque charm of a stunning Star Canopy Cabin's, the “Lower Moutere Fruit Shop” stands as a delightful oasis within the embrace of a stunning strawberry farm. This inviting cabin, adorned with a lustrous varnish finish, excused a rustic warmth that harmonises perfectly with its idyllic surroundings. As you approach, your gaze is captivated by the alluring spectacle of strawberry-hued flowers that gracefully adorn the canopy’s wooden beams. These blossoms, like nature's whispers, beckon you to step beneath the shelter, where a treasure trove of flavours awaits. Here, under the protective canopy, tables are adorned with an array of jars containing the vibrant creations of the land – strawberry jams and preserves that capture the essence of the sun-soaked fields.

Upon entering the cabin through its inviting doors, you are greeted by a world of sensory delights. A welcoming service counter extends its arms, inviting you to partake in the bounty of the farm. The heart of the cabin houses a charming strawberry ice cream machine, a symbol of frozen indulgence crafted from the very essence of the harvest. In the back corner, a board stands proudly, adorned with a complete menu and a comprehensive price list. Every item on offer is meticulously detailed, offering a glimpse into the delectable treats that lie ahead. It’s a tantalizing journey through flavors that mirror the enchanting landscape just beyond the cabin's walls. Surrounded by the earthy aroma of wood and the sweet fragrance of strawberries, the “Lower Moutere Fruit Shop” stands as a testament to the connection between land and table. This space is more than a shop – it’s a celebration of nature's bounty, a symphony of flavors that dance harmoniously with the beauty of the strawberry farm. Each jar of preserves, each scoop of ice cream, carries with it the essence of the sun, the soil, and the seasons – a true embodiment of the farm-to-table journey that warms the heart and nourishes the soul.

K9 Dog Grooming Cabin

Sitting within one of our Star Cabin SheSheds, the “K9 Cabin” emerges as a sanctuary of pampering and care for our four-legged companions. This unique small business, with its understated contemporary flair, captures the essence of modern comfort while providing a haven for our beloved furry friends. The exterior of the K9 Cabin stands as a visual delight, bathed in the soothing hue of clean steel-blue. Crisp white accents grace the door, windows, and eaves, adding an aura of freshness and inviting warmth. The cabin’s facade is a testament to simplicity meeting sophistication, a reflection of the exceptional care that awaits within. Step through the door and be greeted by an interior that exudes serenity and functionality. The cabin’s white walls and natural wood floor create and airy ambience, making it a calming retreat for both pets and owners. The space is a canvas of tranquility, ready to be transformed into a haven of grooming expertise.

On one side, a dedicated dog washing tub takes center stage, complete with thoughtful features such as anchor points to keep even the wiggliest pups secure. The tub's deep edges ensure a mess-free experience, while an array of top tier washing and conditioning products stand at the ready for a thorough cleanse, leaving every dog soft and revitalized. Opposite the washing area, wooden benches stand, with pristine white cupboards and drawers beneath stand for organization and storage. These functional spaces house an assortment of tools and products organized for the grooming process. The wooden bench provides a versatile surface for clipping, drying and brushing, with distinct sections designed for each step of the transformation. Tucked beneath some of the benches lie cozy dog beds, a touch of warmth and comfort for our furry guests, especially on rainy days. These beds not only keep the dogs dry and comfortable after their grooming sessions, but also foster a sense of togetherness among bonded companions during their shared pampering experience.

At the back, a wooden bench adorned with cupboards takes on a more administrative role, hosting a payment terminal and bookings board. This seamless integration of business functionality ensures a smooth and streamlined experience for clients and their beloved pets. Overhead, tubular lights elegantly line the ceiling beams, casting a clear and welcoming glow upon the canine clientele. A standout rattan light pendant hangs from the center of the ceiling, infusing the space with a touch of style and a comforting warmth. The ‘’K9 Cabin” isn’t merely a grooming establishment, it’s a sanctuary where contemporary aesthetics meet unwavering devotion to our furry companions. Every detail has been thoughtfully arranged, ensuring that both the physical and emotional well-being of each precious pup is nurtured, leaving tails waging and hearts full.

Finding Your Inspiration

The small business SheSheds presented here are more than just structures; they’re embodiments of entrepreneurial dreams. Each one speaks to the unique passions and talents of its owner, providing a haven where ideas flourish, innovation thrives, and success is crafted with dedication and love. As these SheSheds stand as witness to the fusion of creativity and commerce, they inspire us to believe that every corner can be transformed into a canvas for entrepreneurial brilliance.

See more about our favorite SheShed Small Businesses!

Lisa's Dreamy SheShed Hair Salon!

Gaining quite a bit of popularity now that she has made her hair dressing salon, bolder and better with her 12 square meter Cabana Cabin, Lisa from Waves Hair Salon is back on the SheShed Blog almost a year later since she first opened her doors to customers! We are loving how the whole look of this Mediterranean inspired hair salon has really come together, especially the colour scheme, the now established landscaping and styling choices.

We check in with her to see how things have been since she bought her Cabana SheShed, and what sort of words of wisdom, tips and tricks she has to offer for other businesswomen who want to establish a work from home abode as well.

A Fantastic Boutique Dog Grooming Salon With The Cabana

Based in Christchurch, best friends Amanda and Catriona decided to do create something rather spectacular! They ventured out to do something brave and independent from their very own backyard - opting for the trustworthy and spacious 3m x 4m Cabana Cabin to start their journey, and they have never looked back!

Amanda and Catriona knew they needed a dedicated space where they could essentially run a busy dog grooming business from home. The SheShed was an easy choice for them because it was a local home grown company that they wanted to support, and the competitive pricing as well as the team support really gave them ease and piece of mind.

Jo-Anne's Flower Arranging Studio In The Tasman SheShed

We are so impressed with Jo-Anne and her steps towards building her own floral-farm flower business!

Based in the sunny and fruit growing region of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, Jo-Anne decided to step out and make her love and talent for floristry into a business. She opted to go towards one of our larger cabins, the Tasman, which is 4 meters by 5 meters- making it a generous 20 square meters! She needed a lot of space dedicated to her new venture, and luckily, she had just the ideal spot in her garden nestled between the fruit trees.

"By having a dedicated space it gives me a more professional image and a clearly defined area to run my business."- Jo-Anne D

Lisa's Upper Moutere Upholstery Studio - A Vineyard Lake Cabin

A wooden studio, perfectly perched, looking out to the vines and rolling hills of the beautiful Upper Moutere in Tasman. Lisa built her SheShed Lake Cabin as a studio next to their family home, to run her business Boho Velvet Upholstery, where she hosts regular classes, and works on divine custom furniture pieces.

"The lake cabin is a stunning building and sits perfectly on our property. People stop and tell me how beautiful it is. I'm very very blessed to have such a wonderful working space."
- Lisa

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