Jo-Anne's Flower Arranging Studio In The Tasman SheShed

We are so impressed with Jo-Anne and her steps towards building her own floral farm flower business!

Based in the sunny and fruit growing region of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, Jo-Anne decided to step out and make her love and talent for floristry into a business. She opted to go towards one of our larger cabins, the Tasman, which is 4 metres by 5 metres- making it a generous 20 square metres! She needed a lot space dedicated to her new venture, and luckily she had just the ideal spot in her garden nestled between the fruit trees.

"By having a dedicated space it gives me a more professional image and a clearly defined area to run my business."

- Jo-Anne D

Jo-Anne still has future plans for her Tasman cabin. She is currently setting it up so that she can open up a flower arranging workshop for others to come and learn from her. We can definitely see this vision coming to life very soon!

We love how the colours chosen for the cabin are reflective of its garden surroundings. The timber deck out the front provides a very welcoming entrance to the SheShed, and the pot plants on either side of the French doors are great additions of life and colour. The inside is a lovely white washed paint job, with handy pieces of cabinetry, drawers and tables added to make practical use of the space.

We cannot wait to see how Jo-Anne's business takes off, and we are glad that she has chosen a strong, stable and beautiful SheShed to be part of her journey!

Be sure to come back for an update when we dive more into Jo-Anne's story soon!

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