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She's Making Waves ~ Lisa And Her Cabana Hair Salon!

Gaining quite a bit of popularity now that she has made her hair dressing salon bolder and better with her 12 square meter Cabana Cabin, Lisa from Waves Hair Salon is back almost a year later since she first opened her doors to customers! We are loving how the whole look of this Mediterranean inspired hair salon has really come together, especially the colour scheme, the now established landscaping and styling choices. We check in with her to see how things have been since she bought her Cabana SheShed, and what sort of words of wisdom, tips and tricks she has to offer for other businesswomen who want to establish a work from home abode as well.

"I chose the Cabana kitset by SheShed Cabins, and the reason for that is so that I could utilize the space properly with all of my equipment that I use on a daily basis."

- Lisa C.

Lisa shows us around her Brisbane based salon in detail, showing us her bespoke pieces of furniture, mirrors, arched shelves for her products, and even a feature front desk with a computer and the "Waves" signage, so there is a proper entrance to the salon. It certainly is an experience walking in, and the small touches of greenery are great additions as well as soothing. Lisa give us a bit of insight into her design process:

"We wanted to go for a Mediterranean feel. I wanted my clients to feel like when they come into my salon, they are taken away on a journey to go and just feel relaxed in this space... which is where your travertine flooring, your arched, curved mirrors and décor come into play."

- Lisa C.

Check out Lisa's hair salon in the video below:

ShedShed & Waves Salon - A Dreamy Work From Home Business

Lisa shares some insightful information about buying a SheShed - and why it is such a versatile space for anyone:

"One of the best parts of having a SheShed is that you have a blank canvas to work with. You can do whatever you like with it and make it unique to you - whether it is a workspace or something you have at home for hobbies. My favourite feature of this shed is the raked ceilings and ho much space that you have in here."

- Lisa C.

Lisa adores her SheShed and loves how she can still work from home, but still have that feel of having a completely separate environment to work in. It is a perfect spot for her clients to getaway and have a fabulous pampering experience, while the proximity to home adds to the versatility to Lisa's hair salon. She is so happy that she has invested in a 3m x 4m Cabana SheShed for her business, and reckons that if there is anyone else out there who is wanting a long lasting business from home - a SheShed is definitely well worth the investment.

Thinking of getting a 12 square meter Cabana SheShed for your business or hobbies room as well? Learn all about the Cabana Cabin HERE.

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