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SheShed Business Spotlight ~ Wild Violet Collective

Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing Courtney from Wild Violet Collective, a beautiful boutique store selling home fragrances, journals, cards, crystals, and more based in Buccan, Queensland. Courtney decided to build a SheShed to expand her business and achieve work-life balance. Prior to starting Wild Violet, she found herself in a transition stage between having young babies and deciding whether to go back to work or study. Her love for self-care and creating calm environments inspired her to hand-pour crystal candles and other home fragrance products. 

What makes Courtney's story even more inspiring is that she manages her business from home, allowing her to spend time with her kids, pets, and work in her happy place. For other women looking to start their own businesses from home, Courtney advises them to just take the leap and try. She truly believes that anything is possible if you come from a place of love. 

When you visit the Wild Violet Collective, you'll be greeted by a peaceful and inviting space that's perfect for taking a moment to yourself. Most people are surprised by how roomy it is and how much can comfortably fit inside. It's no wonder that the SheShed has become a sanctuary for Courtney and a place where she can find balance amidst the demands of running a business and raising a family. 

Why did you decide to build your SheShed and what do you use it for? 

We purchased the sheshed to expand my business and achieve a work/life balance.  Previous to that we had a little store, that was difficult at times with young kids and another family business. During covid the store was closed and started operating from home again; we found the sheshed site and knew it would be perfect for a display room. 

What inspired you to start Wild Violet?  Starting wild violet really sprung from that transition stage between having young babies and not knowing whether to go back to work,  or study and finding yourself again. 

Tell us more about the beautiful services and products that you sell at Wild Violet, and do you have a favourite? 

I hand pour crystal candles and other home fragrance products.  Everything is based around the principles of self care, creating calm environments.  We also stock journals, cards, crystals and other items that you would use to calm your mind, body or gift to a loved one. I can't really pick a favourite as I am absolutely obsessed with everything; however, my favourite scent is blue cypress and jasmine. 

What are some of your favourite tips for keeping calm?  

Journalling, getting out in nature, meditation, exercise, finding a hobby that helps relieve stress. 

What do you love most about managing your business from home and do you have any advice for other women looking to start something from home? 

I absolutely love that I am able to spend time with my kids, pets and still be in my happy place.  I am a massive home body so the fact I am able to invite customers in to the she shed and I don't have to go anywhere is amazing to me. The advice I would have to other women wanting to start their own businesses is to just take the leap.  If you have an idea and come from love; take the leap and try.  I truly believe is anything is possible. 

What was the SheShed buy & build experience like for you?  Super simple and easy to purchase, great communication.  The build process was fun, and easy to follow. 

Did you build the SheShed by yourself, or have family or a friend help, or hire someone? 

We had a team of friends and family come help especially with the roofing.  The painting was all done by me.  Last year, a friend came and added a beautiful deck to the front of it. 

What’s your favourite aspect of the SheShed now that it has been completed?  It is so peaceful and inviting.  It really is my happy place; I can just sit and take a minute.  It really is a sanctuary.... 

When other people see it for the first time, what do they most comment on, or what are they most surprised about? How roomy it actually is, most people are quite surprised how much we have fit in there and how many people can comfortably sit in there.  The first thing most people say is how cute it is, or how beautiful it is, how welcoming it is... 

You can visit the Wild Violet Collective at Buccan Rd, Buccan QLD, or shop online at

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