Raylene's Golden Bay Star Sleepout

Raylene and her family love to get out to beautiful Golden Bay, Tasman and enjoy the holidays in the sunshine. While they can pack up the caravan and camp out there themselves, sometimes there was just not enough room for the whole family or visitors to stay over.

She and her husband opted to get a 9m2 Star Kitset Cabin from SheShed and got it up and running so that they could have their dream lounge and sleepout ready to go for their next round of guests. They have even added some festive fairy lights on the gable of the roof and have finished the cabin off with a black paint on the outside, with white French doors.

We just love how Raylene has opted to leave her lattice bars off her window and doors for a more modern look. The added deck and outdoor table by the SheShed must be very popular hotspots to enjoy a cool beverage when the sun is shining!

"We built our SheShed on our section in Golden Bay as a lounge area as it gets a bit cramped in the caravan, especially on rainy days! It also doubles as a spare room when we have family & friends come to stay. We only built in September 2022 and we have already had many people to stay now [that] there's a bedroom for them, including my 81 year old Mum and my husbands 96 year old Grandad!"

- Raylene W.

All of their chosen finishing touches are impressive too, including a feature light, a plugged in mini fridge, a TV for family movie nights and even some holiday themed wall decor.

"We wanted to create a rainy day lounge that doubled as a spare room. We have a couch that can fold out to a bed. We chose Valspar white tiger as a neutral colour that didn't overwhelm the space. We painted ceiling the same colour and chose to keep the beams exposed. We sanded the floor and covered it with clear polyurethane. It looks fantastic."

- Raylene W.

We can see Raylene and her husband have definitely executed their vision and have bought their brilliant idea into reality. A lot of thought has gone into making this holiday space warm and welcoming - just right for making more family memories to come.

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