Noah's Hut Airbnb Shed

“The ordering and delivery process to our remote location was very easy. Great communication with the team. The builders enjoyed working with the cabin and customizing the open air shower/toilet annex to match. The materials are great quality, including the double glazing. We are very happy with the outcome and we have had good feedback from our guests.”

Isn’t it magnificent how mother nature has so much to offer to us? However, by confining ourselves to the cities, which are full of pollution from factories and traffic as well as chaos, we have lost our connection with nature.

Using a 9m2 Star Cabin She Shed, Mathew started a project named Noah’s Hut, to help people reconnect their soul with mother nature. Noah’s Hut’s philosophy is, “Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints.”

The purpose of Noah’s Hut is to recreate a corner of nature for guests to enjoy to their heart’s content.

Noah’s Hut offers you all the comforts a human could ask for: a comfy queen size bed to give you a goodnight sleep, heavy wool blankets, double-glazed windows, thermal doonas, towels and linen. All the elements of comfort are beside you in the hut.

“The materials are great quality, including the double glazing.
We’re very happy with the outcome and we’ve had good feedback from our guests.”

Tiny House used as Air BnB with portable toilet Victoria

The hut is surrounded with native flora and fauna. There’s no reception desk or lap pools to offer, just the hospitality of nature at your service.

They do have modern day essentials, however, including a hot water outdoor shower, compost toilet, outdoor basin (with drinkable water), rechargeable Bluetooth speaker, soap and body wash. The cabin has 12v power installed, but there’s no power sockets here – just 2 USB ports (for essentials such as charging a mobile phone).

And importantly for any bush holiday: there’s hammocks and a fire pit.

toilet and shower options for a rural cabin or holiday house
Cabin used as air bnb in victoria au
Window on a weekender cabin in Victoria AU

So why create your own AirBnB?

A well presented AirBnB can become a lucrative revenue stream. Even after the impact of Covid 19, AirBnB have continued to see a rise in domestic bookings with Kiwis vacationing in their own back yard. In fact 55% of trips have been booked within 320km of where the travelers live (AirBnb NZ).

A report from AirBnB looking at travel in 2021 shows that, “we will see a shift toward more meaningful travel as the pandemic continues to limit mass tourism and afflict the industry overall. When travel returns in 2021, it will be about connecting with loved ones through more personal trips, with mass tourism unlikely to return at any scale this year.”

How to create an AirBnB in a She Shed

SheShed have a range of suitable cabins for an AirBnB. Whether you want to keep it simple and modest like Noah’s Hut in a Star Cabin, or you wish to offer more space with a Brook River Log Cabin.

Our She Sheds provide the chance to get away and unplug from the world while maintaining the comfort, privacy and relaxation of an AirBnB.

Tips to get the best from your AirBnb:

  • Photos: While this seems obvious, it is the photos that will sell your AirBnB. Ensure your photos are clear, crisp, clean and clutter free. You’re trying to give the idea of relaxation on holiday. Make sure your photos show the best of your AirBnB.
  • Unique Selling Point: Give them something they can’t get somewhere else. A beautiful outdoor shower or bath under the stars, a fire pit, a pizza oven.
  • Mind the artwork: Don’t present bare walls, but also remember less is more. Be tasteful and hide away any family/private content.
  • Think of the extras: A throw blanket they can use outside, an umbrella in case of rain, toothpaste & band-aids just in case.
  • Make the cabin and space the hero: Unfortunately your guests aren’t coming to see you.

Our AirBnb Recommendations:

Star Cabin

The cabin that Noah’s Hut used. Space for a Queen bed and perfect for a simple AirBnB. Add a canopy kit to give a beautiful outdoor living area.

Cabana Cabin

The Cabana is similar to the Star Cabin but with an extra 3m2, making it 3m x 4m. Perfect for additional furniture or living space.

Brook River Log Cabin

Anyone would love the space a Brook River Log Cabin offers, with two distinct ends for a bedroom and living space (or two sleeping areas).

Which SheShed would you build?

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