Wild Violet Handmade

Courtney Jensen, the owner & creator behind Wild Violet Handmade had to make the decision during the Covid pandemic to close her brick and mortar store, but she wasn’t quite done with her business...

“We decided to utilise the space we had at home. So I found SheShed online and thought it would be perfect for an at home shop set up.”

Like many other business owner/operators, Courtney has found the benefits of working from home.

“Not having to pay overheads like rent to keep a brick and mortar store has been amazing. I’ve also found the stress of juggling kids and shop has diminished. I have way more time with my kids and they enjoy sitting up there with me while I get things done, ‘helping’.”

As many women do these days, Courtney’s juggling a few balls in the air.

“I also work for my husband’s business so finding the time to do all that and be in my shop was hard. With everything being from home I can still work, create and sell without the pressure of having to be somewhere at a certain time.”

Wild Violet sets days where people can come to shop and browse, otherwise working from home has meant that Courtney can have booking slots available on her website and open her doors when it suits her customers rather than being open all day waiting for visitors.

Having a She Shed has given Courtney the space to craft, relax and bring people together.

“We added an aircon this year to stop the candles melting in summer. In the future I hope to use the She Shed as my workshop too, and create my candles in the shed. At the moment it’s only set up for selling and gatherings. (We do card readings, meditation, morning teas, etc.)”

Above anything else, Courtney has found having a She Shed as her own space to showcase her business and what she’s made to be life-changing.

“To create a space that’s just what you need is amazing for the soul. I’d highly recommend it to any artist/business looking to expand and needing the room. Or even to anyone wanting to bring people together- some of the best memories I have are with my friends and family sitting in my space.”

Which SheShed would you build?

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