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Our Favourite 5 SheShed Customer Creative Spaces

In the world of personal retreats, SheSheds has emerged as a creative haven for individuals seeking a private space to nurture their artistic pursuits. These intimate sanctuaries provide solace and inspiration, allowing creative spirits to flourish. In this blog post, we will explore 5 exceptional customer SheSheds, each tailored to a specific creative endevour, showcasing how design and décor can enhance productivity and fuel imagination.

Below are our current favourite SheShed customer Creative Spaces

Nature's Minimalist Artist Oasis

This SheShed is a tribute to simplicity and authenticity. Displaying the raw wooden finishes of this Ranch Cabin, sheltered in a lush and leafy garden, exudes an organic appeal. The minimal furniture includes a wooden frame bookshelf, and modern leather and metal recliner, providing comfort without detracting from the space’s raw elegance. Natural light floods the space through the Ranch cabin's four roof-to-floor windows and windowed French doors. The elegant addition of a Fixed Long window running along the top of one of the cabin's short walls welcomes in even more light while offering a glimpse of the leafy canopy above. Tribal wooden statues discreetly placed for decoration add a touch of cultural intrigue. The uncluttered ambience of this SheShed allows artists to focus solely on their creations. In a world of constant noise and ceaseless distractions, this SheShed stands resolute, offering a retreat where the essence of art is distilled to its purest form. The interplay of nature and creation is seamless here, a testament to the boundless wellspring of inspiration that can be found in the simplest spaces.

The Bushside Painters & Yoga Retreat

Step into one of our Cabana Cabins and be embraced by the serene beauty of the ‘Bushside Painters and Yoga Retreat’. With walls adorned in pristine white that gracefully reflect the sun's rays, and highlight the rich wooden tones of the floor, ceiling, windows, and doors, this SheShed stands as a sanctuary of tranquil inspiration. A haven tailored for artists and yogis alike, it’s a testament to the artistry that thrives within both brushstrokes and mindful movement.

Inside this cabin, a delicate balance between nature and artistry takes shape. The decision of this SheShed owner to incorporate two additional casement windows has granted the gift of breathtaking vistas – a tapestry of gum trees and rolling hills that extend beyond the cabin's boundaries. With windows on all 4 walls, sunlight sweeps through the space, illuminating this sanctuary of creativity.
Wooden floating shelves serve as a display for paintings that embody the beauty of natural landscapes - a white artist's easel stands poised, inviting your inner creativity to bring forth expression onto the canvas. A foldable wooden table and stool sit in the corner, providing versatility for seated painting sessions.
This retreat is not confined to the canvas, on the floor beside a serene open space, oversized cushions offer respite, recognising the demands of both artistry and self-care. This SheShed wears a dual hat; in the throes of creation, when shoulders ache and hands time, the space transforms into a yoga sanctuary. The transformative power of breath and movement mingle, rekindling both creativity and vitality. The Bushside Painters and Yoga Retreat is an embodiment of artistic synergy and holistic balance.

The Colourful Crafting Cabin

Prepare to be greeted by a symphony of vibrant hues and boundless enthusiasm as you step inside this Cabana Cabin. In this space, a dynamic burst of colour and energy, where every facet has been designed to ignite your creative spark and awaken the crafter within. The walls of the cabin are adorned with a soft but vibrant pink pegboard, providing an exuberant backdrop that sets the stage for artistic endeavors. Against this canvas, softly coloured storage bins sit on floating shelves – a joyful clash of colours that stands as a visual testament to the expanse of your imagination.

At the very center of this crafting haven lies a curved desk space, its design engineered for the seamless flow of creativity. The curvature enhances the practicality of the workspace to ensure every tool and idea is within arm’s reach. Rainbow plastic storage drawers offer not just organization, but playful functionality – a tangible representation of the delight that comes with crafting. With every drawer you open, a spectrum of possibilities unfolds before you, inviting you to explore new avenues of creation. Wooden and white shelving brings elegance to the space, serving as both functional and decorative pieces offering neutrality to an otherwise colourful space. This careful curation ensures that no inspiration is left unexplored, or project is left incomplete. In every detail, this SheShed celebrates the art of creation and invites you to whole-heartedly embrace your craft. It’s not just a physical space; it’s a haven that encourages you to know you are an artist, and your ideas deserve to be brought to life. With each brushstroke, stitch, or bead, this SheShed becomes a living testament to the power of human creativity. It’s a sanctuary where your imagination runs wild, and the journey of creation is as colourful and exhilarating as the final masterpiece.

The Musicians Harmonious Haven

Step into a world of harmonious melodies and sonic mastery within the confines of this thoughtfully crafted SheShed Music Studio. A haven designed exclusively for sound aficionados, it’s a space where every note resonates with clarity and every rhythm reverberates with precision. The walls of this musical sanctuary have been fortified to nurture the art of sound creation. A Gyprock wall envelops the studio, a sound insulator for optimal sound acoustics in the space. The effective choice serves as a barrier against sounds of the external world, ensuring that the symphonies that unfold within are preserved to their purest form.

Soundproofing panels are placed in the corners to carefully sculpt the acoustics of the room. They absorb and evenly disperse sound vibration, creating an environment devoid of distractions, and allowing sound to flourish unhindered. At the center of this studio stands a long desk, a hub of creativity and innovation. It’s not just a workspace, but a canvas where melodies take shape and beats are woven into existence. A computer and mixing table are strategically placed, surrounded by an ensemble of speakers that create a chorus of sound for musical creation to be appreciated from. As your gaze wanders, it’s impossible to ignore the display of wall-mounted guitars. They hang with pride, as a visual testament to appreciation of the art form that inhabits the space. A Persian-style round rug lies on the floor, not just providing a soft landing, but also muting any unwanted acoustic bounce, and giving warmth to the studio's contemporary disposition. In the heart of the studio, an ergonomic computer chair beckons, offering comfort for the hours of creation that lie ahead. We love the way the studio logo plaque has been cleverly mounded on offcuts of SheShed wall panels, standing as a seal of dedication and commitment to the pursuit of musical excellence. This SheShed Music Studio is a canvas where music is born and sound is sculpted, a haven to elevate the creative process, where each chord, beat, and composition resonates with the passion of its creator.

The Serene Contemporary Artists Escape

The essence of this SheShed lies in its contemporary simplicity. The canvas upon which creativity flourishes starts with the white-painted walls providing a clean backdrop. The symphony of colours within the artworks themselves becomes more pronounced against this pristine backdrop. Softly hued masterpieces breathe life onto the walls, sitting on white floating shelves. The artistry of display becomes an art form in its own right, serving as a sanctuary for nature-inspired paintings. Each painting sits in a harmonious dance with the others, forming a gallery that is a tribute to the outdoors and a canvas of its own.

A light wood table graced with a white top becomes the focal point – a workstation where imagination meets the canvas. It’s here where the artist steps into their element, where ideas and possibilities unfurl with each touch of the bush. Surrounding the table, organised art supplies stand as devoted companions, ready to heed the artist’s call. A small easel sits atop the table, to support the canvas upon which the artist's expressions land. A small stool sits next to the artist's desk, holding beautiful potted plants and a collection of art books – a treasure trove of insights, techniques, and stories of the artists who have paved the way. A wellspring of inspiration that ignites the creative fire within. The unobtrusive design of the space is a deliberate choice that empowers the art to shine as the star of the space. As the gentle daylight spills through windows, illuminating every detail, the unspoken promise of creativity flows effortlessly. This SheShed becomes more than a physical space; it’s a sanctuary where ideas dance, visions take shape, and artistic souls find their voice.

Finding Your Inspiration

SheSheds are not just physical structures; they are personalised realms where creativity is nurtured and celebrated. Each of these five unique spaces showcases a distinctive ambience, tailored to the artistic passions of their owners. Whether it’s painting, crafting, music, art, or movement, these SheSheds illustrate how thoughtful design can amplify creativity and provide a retreat for the soul to thrive.

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Peace And Serenity At Bernadette's Yoga And Art Studio

Bernadette is a busy woman in the world of academia. So when she comes home after a long day of work, it is nice for her to have an oasis of her own where she can practice her yoga and painting. Bernadette chose a 12sqm Cabana Cabin to help create this escape, and she has never looked back since!

"I use my SheShed to unwind and provide balance to my work as a University Professor. Two of my favorite activities are painting and yoga/pilates. My SheShed provides a quiet area to be energised through yoga and is the perfect space to be creative. Having a dedicated space to paint means I don't have to pack away after each session making me feel more motivated to carve out the time to do something that I enjoy."

- Bernadette M.

A Picture Perfect Poolside Art Studio - Views Galore!

Linda lives in beautiful New South Wales with her family. With two boys growing up and needing their own bedroom space, Linda needed to think outside the box when she needed to give up her spare bedroom - which was at the time being used as her art studio. She needed to find a new space - and this is where SheShed came in...

"When it came to replacing our rusty pool shed we explored options of having a ready made capsule office/pod installed or having a shed custom built for the space. Fortunately we came across the SheShed and after a visit to the Katoomba showroom entertained the idea of attempting the build ourselves. I am now thrilled to have this SheShed art studio, it is superior to working in the spare bedroom as I’m surrounded by lovely greenery, pool and the outdoors. With the French doors and windows open it feels as though I’m actually outside and the abundance of light is wonderful to paint in."- Linda K.

Sharons Craft Cabana

Sharon modified her Cabana to suit her needs.

She started by insulating the walls then adding gib and painting. She then added carpet and all the shelves she needs for her craft space!

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