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Do I need to get council approval or council building consent?

Whenever you want to build or add to your property, it always seems there is a minefield of what you can or can’t do with regard to council regulations. Many property owners will want to have some form of shed, craft room, potting shed or sleepout and often wonder what the rules and regulations are with regard to size, height and position. 

Working through the council consent process can be an expensive and time consuming process, so we're pleased that in most cases our customers can build our sheds without being required to get council consent in most regions of Australia and New Zealand, as long as they follow certain location-specific rules or meet some special requirements that are dependant on their property and intended shed usage.

Legislation rules can be tricky to interpret, and in some cases the same national building requirement may be interpreted and applied differently by different states, regions, or councils. We're currently in the process of putting together a guide to make this process easier for you our customers to navigate, but we're not town planners and rules can change or vary from council to council, so the SheShed team always recommend you check with your local council or a town planner if you're uncertain of compliance issues.

Select your region below for a summary of relevant points related to exemption from Council Building Consent

If your state is not available below, it means we're still working on a proper guide for you, but you can still call our Australian team on 1800 316 583 to discuss what options and considerations we already know about for your region.

Council approval process for building a shed in New South Wales
Council Building Consent in New South Wales, Australia
Council approval process for small dwellings in New Zealand
Council Building Consent in New Zealand

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