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Working From Home - A Dedicated Workspace

The idea of working from home has taken on a new meaning for many at present, and SheShed has experienced a surge in demand for its sheds and cabins as a result. People are looking at options with a more long-term view of working from home in the coming months.

Maybe you’re an employee looking for extra space around your home for a dedicated workspace, so you can separate your work and home life? Or a parent needing a space where your child can continue their education from home? Whatever your situation, the She Shed is a fantastic solution for this current time.

Three advantages making She Sheds a popular choice for people right now:

1. Quick to construct. People are looking for something that’s quick to build, isn’t a huge outlay of funds, and doesn’t require a council permit in most states*

“What I like about She Sheds is they do not require a building permit. We have built decks in front of each shed and they are all interlinked together. All the locals love them they are easy to erect and paint.” – Ray

2. A dedicated workspace that you can close up at the end of the day. In our current situation, a lot of people have been setting up temporary work stations or working from the kitchen or dining table, but clearing away work or getting it messed up by other members of the household soon gets tiring. The idea of having a separate place to go where they can concentrate is very appealing.

3. Their multiple uses and versatility. The sheds can transition into many different uses at a later date if the need to work from home changes. People are looking for something that they can use for an office base, with the option of changing it to a teenage space if they don’t need it for an office in the future.

“… the shed is really excellent for the quality and size. We are using the shed as an edit suite for our small TV production business and it fits the bill nicely.” – Dave

4. Sales support. SheShed makes it easy to buy and set up your own shed. Sheds come with a video, instruction booklet, and customer support via phone or email. Maintenance and after-sales support are easy with SheShed as they can provide spare parts and advice if needed.

“It was easy for my husband and I to put up. The written instructions and the video were extremely helpful.” – Denise

5. Lock & Leave. The door (and window) on our She Sheds are lockable. The cabin comes with a set of keys meaning at the end of the day you can lock your office, and leave the workday behind you. Create a work/life balance by moving your office out of the house.

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