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Win a She Shed - Let it Sew by Indi

As Covid19 has spread through the world, many people’s work situations have changed. We wanted to support these people and give them the opportunity to Win a She Shed. After 336 entries and with 975 votes we had our She Shed winner – Let it Sew by Indi.

Our ‘Win a She Shed’ Winner – Let it Sew by Indi

It started with a sewing machine as a birthday present…

10 year old Indi already knew how to knit and hand sew but wanted to learn more. Thankfully she had a teacher at school who was willing to teach her.

Indi started a project here and there. Creating a bib for her 5 month old baby sister, and an apron for her other sister. It wasn’t till her Nanny – who is a nurse, said, “why don’t you make Nanny a mask?” After finding a template online she made the first of many masks.

With five of them in a two bedroom home, having Indi’s sewing materials everywhere was making everything a little cramped.

“We just live with it. We move my little sewing desk and fabrics from room to room. One day I’ll work from the kitchen bench, then the dining room table, then in the lounge, then back to the kitchen.”

Currently Let it Sew by Indi is focusing on creating and selling facemasks with $2 from each sale going to her local children’s hospital.

“My Nanny is a nurse in a hospital. I wanted to make a difference and thought the children’s hospital would be a great place to donate to.”

Indi’s mum Jessica said that Indi is incredibly busy.

“She is 10 so she spends her day at school, but she has plenty of late nights trying to fill orders. She’s sold and made just under 300 masks in the 6 weeks since she started!”

Indi has plans for expansion.

“Before I made masks I had made a few other things like bibs and aprons. Once the craziness of the masks calms down, I’m going to start making and selling bibs, aprons and stuffed toys.

My She Shed will become a happy place filled with fabrics, colours and inspiration boards. I will set up a desk with my sewing machine, and storage for all my fabrics. It will be somewhere that customers can come to collect their purchases too. I would love to have a day bed so I can dream up ideas and brainstorm my future plans. I’ll even make my own curtains and a quilt for the bed.


A She Shed means that my family get their living spaces back and we can start having family dinners at the table again.”

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