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Running a Business From Home With Your Home Office

There’s plenty of upsides to working from home, including a flexible working environment, no commuting costs and no time wasted travelling.

Here are some of the benefits that working from home brings:

  1. Flexible working environment: You can work mornings, evenings or weekends as it fits into your busy weekly schedule.
  2. Cost Savings: No fuel, transport or commuting costs.
  3. Less Stress: You’re not hearing about other people’s issues or matters you’re not involved in.
  4. Better Focus. You’re able to concentrate for longer without distractions.

If the home office is in a shed, that separation from your home allows you to shut the door on your work whenever, giving you uninterrupted family or social time.

example of a home office set up in a kitset cabin at She Sheds Nelson display

As we have detailed in our previous blog ‘This portable office brings small business home‘, there are many options to what you can do as a home business.

Whether you want to sell your products from home, or expand your art or dressmaking business for example, a cabin may be just what you need.

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