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Waves Hair Salon - A Mediterranean Inspired Cabin Build

We love to hear how our SheShed customers are using their cabins. From all the little details of the shed build, to what they are loving about their new space and how they are using it today; This week we chat to Lisa from Waves Hair Salon this week about running her business from home with a young family, creating her vision, working with an interior designer and all the details behind building her dream salon. 

This stunning Mediterranean meets coastal luxe Hair Studio build has been one of our favourite projects to see come to life. Beautifully curated by interior designer Nicola from She Creates Co using our Cabana Cabin Kitset. Every detail carefully chosen to perfection, this 3x4m space features custom rendered arched cabinetry, natural textures, and radiant brushed brass, to create a dreamy, light-filled, functional space.  

Upon entry you are taken immediately to "pure heaven" (as Lisa's clients are now saying) past the house to a secret piece of paradise. From the stone pathway and white washed deck adorned with clusters of white potted cacti, and palm trees surrounding the cabin. Inside, the interior details work harmoniously to give Lisa’s clients a calm, indulgent experience, taking in all of the natural beauty & light from her SheShed cabin.  

SheShed Spotlight: Waves Hair Salon Opening
Video: Amy Gian Videography

Why did you decide to build your SheShed and what do you use it for?    

I have been working out of my kitchen doing hair for 18months, building my business. I wanted a unique space, a home salon with character, style and class for my clients to enjoy. Something incredible! 

Tell us a bit more your stunning new Mediterranean meets coastal luxe Waves Hair Salon...   

It took around 6months to complete for us with my husband and I working full time with two little children. Every minute of spare time was absorbed building, painting, creating. We didn’t stop at all, so it was amazing to see everything come together after all the hard work. It has been an incredible achievement for our little family!  

Every detail is so dreamy. What was the inspiration behind your design for the salon?   

 I have worked in amazing salons across the globe and have a passion for travel. I dreamt of being in Greece, the white pebble stones and render walls, the beauty and tranquillity. I had a moment where I wanted to feel like I was back travelling somewhere amazing again.  

Nicola from She Creates Co has done an incredible job bringing together this dream space for your clients, what was it like working with an interior designer on this project?   

Nicola is an absolute angel! She understood my vision entirely, and blew us out of this world bringing it all together. I needed to ensure every inch of every space was accounted for, so that my space was operational and everything had room to fit. Her ideas and the amount of knowledge an interior designer has is worth every cent. The preliminary drawings of my cabinetry were stunning and brought to life with her own contacts (builder/handyman) I honestly could not have achieved my dream space without Nicola. 

What’s your favourite aspect of the SheShed now that it has been completed?  

 I just love the timber, the French doors and the beautiful window. The high roof and the smell is authentic and fresh.  

What was the SheShed buy & build experience like for you?   

Absolute perfection! I called to enquire back in November 2021. I spoke to a man who explained the features and benefits of each cabin I was interested in, in such wonderful detail. No question I had was to much, he was patient and he was just so lovely to chat to. I was instantly sold because great customer service always wins. I was updated on the ETA, and then once my shipment arrived, again it was seamless. Lovely guy called to say he was close by to Brisbane and arrived right on time. Carefully placing the pallet onto our front yard by a crane from the truck.  

Also, the wonderful encouragement and follow up emails from your social media team, I have loved sharing my updates on our build. It really makes you feel valued as a consumer.  

What did you need to do to your property to prepare for the shed?   

We actually had to dig out an old concrete slab, clear and build a beautiful pathway, clear trees and shrubs then lay the slab.  

When your clients see it for the first time, what do they most comment on, or what are they most surprised about?  

They always say, oh Lisa, this is pure heaven. Their eyes light up and I can see them admiring all the fine details.

Why did you choose to buy a SheShed?  

I inquired with other companies who had a type of shed, more like a metal shed however the customer service was poor/ also I realised if I spent a little extra with, she shed I was getting quality and what I actually wanted.  

What do you love most about running this business from home and do you have any advice for other women looking to run their business from home?   

I love that I can drop my kids at kindy, come home and then walk straight into my work space with a fresh coffee in hand. I can have peace for a moment to set up for the day and set my goals. I believe you can run any business you like from your home, if you have the right space and environment.  


Cabin Style: SheShed Cabana Cabin Kitset   | Interior Designer: She Creates Co  

Builder:  Renew Builders   | Painter:  Husband  | Exterior Paint Colour: Dulux Vivid White  (Southern Apls in NZ) |

Interior Paint Colour:  Dulux Vivid White  (Southern Apls in NZ) | Rattan Pendants:  ZANUI  | Brass Wall Lights: Trio Lighting  

Mirrors:  Jagger and Wolf   | Tapware:  ABI Interiors  | Tiles:  Haus Collective  | Brass Sign:  MTM Waterjet 

Photographer: Emma from Socially Create Video: Amy Gian Videography

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