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SheShed Business Spotlight ~ The K9 Cabin: A Fantastic Boutique Dog Grooming Salon!

We are so excited to be sharing this story as we catch up with Amanda and Catriona since they have opened their business doors! As best friends who share a love for dogs and their wellbeing, Amanda and Catriona ventured out to do something brave and independent from their very own backyard. They opted for the trustworthy and spacious 3m x 4m Cabana Cabin to start their journey, and they have never looked back!

We catch up with them to have a chat about how their journey started and what it has been like running "The K9 Cabin" from a SheShed. They share some amazing insights and also offer some valuable advice about starting a business from home. We are also lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the K9 Cabin in action, and we can definitely say that we are blown away and impressed with the work that has gone into making this business a success!

The K9 Cabin With SheShed!
Click here to see The K9 Cabin's Business Video!

What do you love most about managing your business from home and do you have any advice for other women looking to start something from home?

We love working from our SheShed cabin based at Amanda’s home – it is the perfect balance of having a professional space while still being able to separate customers from the private family home. We have been able to avoid the high costs and risks associated with leasing a commercial premises somewhere else. After a professional lifetime of shared staffrooms, bathrooms, limited facilities etc it is a real luxury to have your home a mere 20 paces from your office door for those down times when you need to step away from the office for a break.

To any women contemplating a home based business we would both say ‘do it, be brave and take that leap of faith’. Take your time, make a sound plan, get great advice from an independent accountant/small business professional, if they say the numbers add up and if it is an area of interest or passion for you then do it. We are two best friends who have successfully managed to take a shared love of dogs and turn it in to a home based business that is on track to smash every goal we had set ourselves for the first 12 months.

With plenty of humour, lots of energy and enthusiasm and great professional advice anything is possible.

What was the SheShed buy and build experience like for you?

The buying was super easy – we had been looking at cabin options for a while, stumbled on the SheShed range, fell in love with the look of the cabins and the price was competitive. We ordered it online on the Monday and the shed was delivered on the Friday – we were amazed at how quickly it came.

Our husbands Matt and Iain managed the build for us, neither of them have any experience with building (or any other trade for that matter) so we all agreed to pay a builder to help with the foundation and levelling work (that was definitely the most technical part of the build) and then Matt and Iain were able to build the cabin entirely on their own once the foundations were done. To say that they are proud of their build is an understatement, neither of them could quite believe they did it ! There were a few calls and emails back and forth with SheShed for clarification of a couple of things that they needed to double check, help was always at the end of the phone or an email. I guess to sum up the build experience you could say that if Matt and Iain could do it then anyone could, just maybe consider paying a professional to help you get started.

What did you need to do to your property to prepare for the shed?

Nothing at all, other than speaking to our council. We did have to put in a pathway from our entrance gate to the cabin so that customers had access without having to walk through grass/mud in winter.

What’s your favourite aspect of the SheShed now that it has been completed?

How cute it looks – definitely has a true ‘wooden cabin’ appearance. It is warm, great size, perfect in every way for our business. Customers comment every single day about how ‘cute’ it is, they especially love the double doors, timber ceiling and the way we have been able to style it.

When other people see it for the first time, what do they most comment on, or what are they most surprised about? 

Always it is a comment about how ‘cute’ it is – as far as cabins go this is a real stunner. It really looks like a small cottage/cabin. Everyone loves the detail, things like the double door and lovely window detail, the timber ceiling. People are always surprised at the fact that it is only 12sq metres, it looks and feels so much bigger than that.

Why did you choose to buy a SheShed?

It was important to us to support another NZ business. The look – as mentioned it is really cute. The price was fair and we were pleasantly surprised that is was competitive with mass produced hardware store brands and styles, none of which were anywhere as nice as our Cabana Cabin. If we had to do it all over again we would still choose a SheShed every time.

We are so pleased that Amanda and Catriona have given us some valuable insight into their business and how well it has been established in a Cabana SheShed Cabin. We wish them all the best with the future of their business. If you live in the Christchurch area and have a furry friend who would love a bit of pampering - be sure to book your next appointment at the K9 Cabin!

green shed au

Cabana Cabin

12 square metres

3m wide x 4m long
2.8m tall • 28mm walls
Treated timber


FEATURED CABIN: The Cabana Cabin Kitset (12sqm)

The cabin used by Amanda and Catriona is the Cabana Cabin. It is a great and versatile space that has often been used for businesses, Air Bnb spots, spare bedrooms, pool houses, office spaces, hair studios, beauty therapy rooms, home businesses, kids retreats, granny flats, and even a bach or holiday house extension. The Cabana Cabin can be created to be whatever you want it to be, and Amanda and Catriona have customised theirs by adding electricity, power points, lighting, gas and water. They have also made their cabin functional by adding joinery and a decent bath tub for the dogs to be pampered in!

You can visit the K9 Cabin online on and can also visit them at 12 Perthshire Crescent, Lincoln, Christchurch,7608.

You can also follow them for their latest news and updates on Instagram HERE.

If you're looking to create your dream business from home and really reach for your goals now, be sure to check out our full range of SheShed kitset cabins HERE.

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