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Blue Mountains His & Hers Cabins | With Neil & Bianca Brown Reality

SheShed Testimonial from Neil & Bianca Brown

Neil and Bianca run a highly successful Real Estate agency, Bianca Brown Reality in the beautiful Blue Mountains, NSW. Working together and running a business from home has been made easy with the addition of not one but two SheShed cabins on their Katoomba property. Read on and watch the video interview to hear more about their SheShed build journey, and find out exactly what Neil and Bianca are using their “his & hers” cabins for.  

I love this SheShed, I think they look beautiful, rather than the average shed, they’re very very well built, it really works for what we need it for. I love the aesthetic, every time I drive in, I see them, they look beautiful, they’re actually in our front yard, that’s how beautiful they are, everyone asks where we got the cabins from, they really are beautiful.” - Bianca Brown 

Why did you decide to build two SheShed cabins and what do you use them for? 

“We decided to build two cabins because we needed a cabin each. The Cottage Garden Cabin is the typical man cabin has all of Neil’s tools, wetsuits, lawnmowing gear, and all the blokey stuff, whereas mine I like to keep very chic, and gorgeous and neat and tidy. 

I use my shed (The Star Cabin) for all of my real estate signs and flags, and auction things, and I also use it for all of my sporting equipment.” - Bianca 

What’s your favourite aspect of the cabins now that they have been completed? 

“My favourite features of the SheShed, I love the look of them, they look beautiful in front of the house, I love the French doors, I love the beautiful windows, I love the shingled roof, I love the timber-lined walls, everything about this shed is just gorgeous.” - Bianca 

“The reason why I like my SheShed is it’s a bit smaller than Bianca’s, gives me plenty of room inside for all my lawnmowers, my whipper-snippers, all my tools and equipment, a few wetsuits drying in there as well, and it’s easily accessible for me. We even get people coming and asking, are you holiday letting them, that’s how cute they are, but they look a lot better than the old tin sheds we used to have. When spring comes and the trees and in leaf and all in flower, my little shed you can’t actually see cos it’s camouflaged quite nicely.” - Neil Brown 

What was the whole buy & build experience like for you? 

“We loved dealing with SheShed, they made it so simple, they talked us through, there were some things we hadn’t thought of so it was really good to have their input, as far as window placement and which doors would be the best, and even what size would be the best.” - Bianca 

“We had a construction team that was recommended by the SheShed guys come out and do the construction of the SheSheds for us, cos we were time poor being real estate agents, we had plenty of work to do otherwise, but the job they did was fantastic, it was simple, easy and went together really quickly.The construction guys were fantastic as well, because they laid out our platform for our sheds, and the way the sheds link together it was just magic, it was so easy.” - Neil 

“They were really nice people to deal with as well, because they were on our property, we really loved the builders. The good thing as well is that it was very quick, we didn’t have builders here for days being annoying, it was like a three day process from when the timber arrived, in three days we were storing our stuff in them, it was absolutely fantastic.” - Bianca 

What paint colours and/or interior style and furnishing did you choose for each of your cabins and why? 

“With my cabin, I wanted the inside to look as beautiful as the outside, so the inside of my cabin is beautiful, it’s all white, white floorboards, white walls, the white vaulted ceilings, it’s absolutely gorgeous, then we used a black and white theme for the outside, that’s the look I wanted.” - Bianca 

“My cabin is still is the same, it is the black on the outside, with the white trim on the doors and windows, but I just left it natural on the inside, cos I’m gunna be storing all my lawnmowers and whipper-snippers, and there’s gunna be grease and oil, stuff like that getting on the walls, and I didn’t want that on the white.” - Neil 

Why did you choose to buy a SheShed in particular, instead of any other brand of shed? 

“I think the SheSheds were much better quality, as far as the timbers, I think there’s some processing that they have, they’re just much better quality and we didn’t want anything that’s going to fall apart or have problems with, and it was a great price as well. 

As real estate agents we go into plenty of houses where the doors don’t open properly or the clips don’t work, what I like the most is that everything about these sheds is perfect. The doors open easily, the locks work easily, the windows open perfectly. This is what I really like about SheSheds. And that’s the other thing as well, in summer most sheds are awful. Whereas these the temperature inside them is lovely the whole time. Like they’re never hot, never cold, they’re perfect.” - Bianca 

Find more information on each of these kitset cabins, download a technical brochure or book a Zoom of our display cabins below:  

Neil’s Cabin - Cottage Garden Kitset  

Bianca’s Cabin – Star Cabin Kitset

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