Sam's Stunning Alpine Cabin For The Whole Family!

Based in New South Wales, Australia, Sam has ventured into getting a multifunctional SheShed that can be used by all family members and visitors alike. She really liked the look and feel of the brand new 19 square metre Alpine Cabin and found the perfect spot for it right in her very own tropical back yard!

"Our new SheShed is a flexible space. First, it’ll be a new office/art space/storage space with laundry bathroom while we renovate. It will enable us to keep our lives running smoothly. Secondly, it’s a sleepover space. The kids have already made themselves at home with sleeping bags and books"

- Sam VS.

Although her build is now finished, she has got some BIG plans still in the works for her cabin:

"We have booked in the bathroom installation and are still developing the outside deck, and inside, however the outside looks great and we’re really pleased!"

- Sam VS

We absolutely adore how Sam's Alpine Cabin has turned out so far, you can see she has put a lot of thought into the design and overall look and feel of the shared family space. She even got the paint custom made, but she says it is very close "Arctic Lake" by Dulux. The bespoke furniture pieces, plants, drums and rug already gives the cabin a holiday like feel, and the landscaping just adds to the getaway ambience. What a dreamy spot - Sam's vision is definitely coming to life!

"It is GORGEOUS. No one would ventured into our old shed without reason. Everyone who sees it now expresses awe, admiration and ask where it is from, can they borrow it and if we are turning it into an Air BnB: it looks so good. The double glazed windows that open two ways were a nice surprise too."

- Sam VS

We are pleased that Sam and her family are enjoying the special features that come with the Alpine Cabin! The new windows are now not only double glazed, but are also tilt and turn European windows too - this means they can open two different ways depending on what you need!

The Alpine Cabin also comes with corrugated steel roofing and includes celling insulation. The timber throughout is 44mm thick, making this SheShed a very solid and warm choice! Sam has done an amazing job - we just know that she and her family will have years of fun memories with their Alpine SheShed!

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