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The 5 Best SheShed Cabins For Hobbies

Everyone needs a special place for their hobby! Whether it is an art or music studio, reading room, yoga space, sewing room, craft area, relaxation room or even a man cave - a SheShed has you covered. You can customise and personalise your cabin to suit your style, while making your hobby shine in its own designated space on your property. What's great about a SheShed is that your finishing touches can make all the difference in making your hobby area highly functional. You can add storage, special lighting, power points, custom equipment for your hobby and even a comfy couch to relax on! Once you have painted and designed your cabin, not only have you made the ultimate oasis just for you - but you might also become the new envy of the neighbours!

Below are our 5 best SheShed Cabins for hobbies:

1. Star Cabin (9m2)

The Star Cabin is a wonderful and beloved classic for a reason. Measuring at 3 metres by 3 metres, this cabin is a versatile pick that can fit on almost anyone's property! It comes with a set of double glazed French doors and a top hung window - which you can place on whatever wall you like! This feature is handy for those who want to manipulate the window and door placements to be practical for the best natural light, access point and design. People love using the 9m2 Star Cabin for how easy it is to set up for a hobbies room - it is great for a craft space, art studio, sewing room, music studio, man cave and so much more! The lattice bars on the windows and doors, and internal pitched roofline create quite a beautiful design - especially for those who love that classic cottage aesthetic!

2. Star Deluxe Cabin (18.75m2)

The Star Deluxe Cabin is great for those who want options around where they can place the windows and doors on their SheShed - there is no one set rule! This cabin is fantastic for hobbies as it measures 3 metres by 6.25 metres. It is also a very versatile cabin, because it's two of our most popular Star cabins merged together with the addition of a special joiner kit, allowing for the option of an internal wall. Essentially, this means you can have a hobbies room AND another room for something else! The Star Deluxe Cabin comes with two double glazed windows and French doors so you can have multiple configuration options as to which walls to place them in. One of our most popular choices is to place one of the two sets of doors in the internal wall, creating a hobbies room in the back of the cabin, while having a makeshift sleepout in the front of the cabin. Alternatively, you can use both doors on the outside of the cabin, and cut the internal wall into an open space between the two sides of the cabin. If you're after something special, fun, spacious and unique - the Star Deluxe Cabin is your pick!

3. Tussock Cabin (8.75m2)

The Tussock Cabin is from one of our newest SheShed kitset cabin designs. Inspired by windswept tussocks along the coastlines, this cabin makes for the perfect escape to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is a great compact cabin if you have limited space on your property, but it still packs a punch as it is 3.5m x 2.5m (8.75 square metres), with 45mm thick solid-timber walls for better natural insulation, and it comes with both corrugated steel roofing. The roof insulation is also included in this kitset and the Tussock Cabin can be portable. As an additional feature, the Tussock SheShed comes with two European-style tilt and turn windows as well! If you need an instant hobbies room with a bit of style and lots of natural light, the Tussock cabin will not fail you.

4. Coastal Cabin (12m2)

Looking for a stylish and modern cabin that will make you feel like you're by the ocean? Our new Coastal Cabin kitset is inspired by beautiful ocean landscapes and is slightly larger than our Tussock SheShed. Measuring at 4 metres wide by 3 metres long, this cabin is perfect for those who want a little extra space for their hobby. It comes with 45mm thick walls and is fully double glazed, making it very warm and snug. What makes it cutting edge is the monopitch steel roof, as well as the new doors and windows, which are double-glazed to modern high standards. These new taller windows feature the new European-style tilt and turn opening system to allow for natural airflow circulation while keeping the weather out (the window can be either tilted inwards at the top for air circulation, or opened fully like a traditional casement window!). Once painted, this cabin is stunning. It is very spacious for you to carry out your hobbies in style, and would even benefit in an area with a fantastic outlook and plenty of natural sunlight!

5. Cabana Cabin (12m2)

The Cabana Cabin is a popular choice for people who want to spread their wings and have some extra space for their hobbies. Measuring at 3 metres by 4 metres, this cabin has a decent amount of space for you to have multiple stations or even have an exercise studio! It is a great choice for an art studio and yoga space, large crafting area, workshop, or even a decent poolside lounging cabin. The Cabana Cabin can also be customisable as you can choose where to place the French doors and top hung window, and you can also add extra doors and windows too!

Check Out Our SheShed Cabins For Hobbies From Our Inspiration Gallery Below:

A Picture Perfect Poolside Art Studio - Views Galore!

When it came to replacing our rusty pool shed we explored options of having a ready made capsule office/pod installed or having a shed custom built for the space. Fortunately we came across the SheShed and after a visit to the Katoomba showroom entertained the idea of attempting the build ourselves. I am now thrilled to have this SheShed art studio, it is superior to working in the spare bedroom as I’m surrounded by lovely greenery, pool and the outdoors. With the French doors and windows open it feels as though I’m actually outside and the abundance of light is wonderful to paint in."

- Linda K.

Peace And Serenity At Bernadette's Yoga And Art Studio

"I use my SheShed to unwind and provide balance to my work as a University Professor. Two of my favorite activities are painting and yoga/pilates. My SheShed provides a quiet area to be energised through yoga and is the perfect space to be creative. Having a dedicated space to paint means I don't have to pack away after each session making me feel more motivated to carve out the time to do something that I enjoy."

- Bernadette M.

Zac's Man Cave - A Place To Chill And Relax

How many people get to literally have a Man Cave of their own, one that has all the essentials to relax and enjoy a spot outside of the house?

Zac set out to do something that most men dream of creating for themselves - an awesome and personalised Man Cave that he can call his own. He wasn't going to settle for just any shed - he needed a strong, sturdy, warm and good looking area. This is where the Star Cabin from SheShed was chosen as the perfect fit.

Sally's Beautiful Native Bush Sanctuary

"Rua, My SheShed is used as an office and an art studio. She has internet and electricity connected and so is an oasis of calm to do some painting, sit and read or do some work at the desk whilst nestled in the heart of the native bush. What usually happens though is less "doing" and more sitting on the deck, drinking something to suit the hour, and watching the Tui's, Keruru's and Fantails whilst listening to the cicadas."

- Sally D.

The Queen's Parlour - Andrea's Lavish Reading Room!

Andrea needed a retreat away from the busy household - a place where she could unwind, relax and get lost in a good story. She decided to go for our 3m x 3m Star Cabin - a solid 9 square metre kitset that is very popular amongst our customers! Giving it the classic black and white finish on the outside, she has also decorated the front very tastefully with barrels of potted flowers to match the surrounding gardens, and a giant chess board at the entrance too! We love the addition of the hot red outdoor chairs!

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