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How to Use a SheShed for Your Beauty/Health Business

A She Shed is a great way to bring your beauty/health business home. Stop paying high rents and bring your customers to a beautiful, peaceful location that’s all yours.

Working from home comes with a number of benefits. You’ll no longer have the high rent of a commercial property, which means reduced overheads, and no more long commutes and sitting in traffic. It’s easier to set your own hours and work earlier or later in the day, and your clients may find parking easier.

With a She Shed you’ll have a dedicated workspace which is comfortable, secure, and a beautiful space to offer to your clients.

“I am a holistic therapist so I need a space that provides a peaceful and beautiful setting for my clients to relax in.”


“Having a She Shed means I literally have my business on my doorstep, but separate from the house.”

How much space do you need?

At SheShed we have a range of cabins sizes that are great for a home business space, but the two we recommend are the 9m2 Star Cabin and 12m2 Cabana Cabin. The Star Cabin is our most popular choice for a home business. This cabin is 3m x 3m which gives you plenty of space for a beauty bed, an arm chair and a desk.

The Cabana is 3m x 4m which will give you a metre more space. Great if you need additional shelving or want a sitting area.

Choose your layout:

In both the Star Cabin & Cabana Cabin, you decide where you want your window (or you can buy additional windows too!).

This means you can arrange the footprint of your beauty studio/therapy room for what suits you the best.

Whether you’re putting the cabin in a corner and can only put your window on the left side, or you want to put up dividers and create a private space, you can do this by choosing where you want your window.

The Cabana is 3m x 4m, which will give you a metre more space. Great if you need additional shelving or want a sitting area.

Dress it up!

Our She Sheds come as a natural wooden colour. This means that you can match it to your business colours, the same colour as your house, or whatever you feel is calming and relaxing. While our cabins come with a beautiful wooden plank flooring, you can even customize this!

Add beautiful furniture, the tools of your trade, and decor bits & pieces, and you’ll have a space you (and your clients) never want to leave!

“I wanted a modern, slightly industrial, moody space. We have 2 black feature walls, block out blinds, heat pump, drop pendant lights in the corner and a dimmable LED light fitted to the center beam, with touches of copper and rose gold.”

Can I add electricity?

Of course you can!

Along with choosing where your window goes, you can choose where your electricity points are, which means you can arrange the floorplan of your studio to how it will best work for you. We recommend working with an electrician to decide how to best add electricity to your SheShed.

Add a beautiful pendant light, and many beauty studios choose to add a heatpump too.

Do you have any questions?

We would love to help answer those for you!


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