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Choosing The Best Layout For Your SheShed (Large Cabins)

So you are looking to buy a SheShed to add onto your property, but you have no idea as to what to place inside it yet, or you are not quite sure if your chosen furniture will fit inside the cabin. If you are in this predicament right now, or are just exploring your options, then this blog is for you! Below are all of our large kitset cabins with example furniture placements to give you an idea of some ideal possibilities. Of course, the possibilities in reality are endless, but this is a great way to get your creative ideas started so you can get planning! All of the furniture that we have placed in our plans are accurately to scale so you can get a better understanding of the space inside your future SheShed Cabin!

The Tasman Cabin - 4m x 5m (20m2)

The Tasman SheShed Cabin is the larger version of the Star and Cabana Cabin. It measures at a generous 4 meters by 5 meters, making it perfect for someone needing a multipurpose area - such as a combined office and chill out zone, or a spot for the ultimate hobbies room. This cabin is solid and warm as it comes with 44mm thick walls - meaning it is not going anywhere anytime soon! It also comes with double glazed French doors, and a gorgeous casement window, which opens outwards like the French doors - allowing for great air circulation and natural light.

The Tasman Cabin has plenty of blank wall space for internal storage options, but this cabin also looks really beautiful when paired together with added PJ07 Fixed Vented Windows installed vertically either side of the front door, (windows sold separately).

The Alpine Cabin - 3.5m x 5.5m (19m2)

The Alpine Cabin is one of our newer SheShed styles and is great for those who want a cabin with a new and modern look! Measuring at 5.5 meters by 3.5 meters, the Alpine Cabin is a spacious cabin with 45mm thick walls. It is fully double glazed, making it very warm and snug too! What makes it cutting edge is the monopitch steel roof, as well as the new doors and windows, which are double-glazed to modern high standards. These new taller windows feature the new European-style tilt and turn opening system to allow for natural airflow circulation while keeping the weather out. The Alpine Cabin is a very spacious option for a home office, sleepout, and living area. It is also a cabin that would benefit in an area with a fantastic outlook because of its many windows!

The Brook River Cabin - 6m x 3.5m (19.4m2)

The Brook River Cabin is one of our larger cabins and it certainly packs a punch! Measuring at 6 meters by 3.5 meters, this cabin is versatile as it has a lot of natural light as well as space. It is also a great cabin for warmth as it comes with 44mm thick walls. The front is composed of beautiful double glazed French doors, as well as two very large casement windows and vented windows too (also double glazed). It is the layout and style of this cabin makes it very versatile. The space can be divided into two separate wings, such as an office and a bedroom, or it can be one very generous rumpus room! The Brook River Cabin is the perfect pick for locations that have beautiful views and lots of sunshine - take advantage of all those large windows! You can even paint it the same colour of your house so it matches your property seamlessly.

The Lake Cabin - 7m x 5m (29m2)

The Lake Cabin is our largest SheShed and is the right choice for someone needing the best space possible to spread their wings. It measures at 7 meters by 5 meters and has three distinct spaces that are separate from each other. This means you can have two completely different wings and also have an extra sweet spot in the internal room too. This cabin is a great option for the ultimate sleepout right in the backyard. You can either lock up and leave this cabin away and keep this stunning oasis a secret for yourself, or you can open it up for guests to come and visit you! The Lake Cabin is a very welcoming cabin that has a very prominent entrance. It would ideally make a fantastic Airbnb as it is constructed with 44mm thick wood for warmth, and comes with large double glazed casement windows, vented windows and French doors. It is also a great option for adding space to your property without paying the hefty price of extending your house. Whatever you decide to do, the Lake Cabin will make a positive impact!

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Tiny House for Sale NZ

Tasman Cabin

20 square meters

4m wide x 5m long
2.9m tall • 44mm walls
Treated timber


Alpine Cabin

19 square meters

5.5m wide x 3.5m long
2.71m tall • 45mm walls
Untreated timber


Brook River Cabin

19.4 square meters

6m wide x 3.5m long
2.9m tall • 44mm walls
Treated timber


Lake cabin accommodation retreat 30m2

Lake Cabin

29 square meters

7m wide x 5m long
3.4m tall • 44mm walls
Treated timber


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