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Bring the Beach Home!

We’re all dreaming of a beach holiday… Whether that’s watching the sun set in New Caledonia, drinking a Pina Colada in Fiji, or snorkeling in Isle of Pines. Unfortunately, travelling to a tropical island is not as easy as it once was. To help you feel the relaxation of a beach holiday, we’ve done the research and found out how to bring the beach vibe home to your She Shed!


Using whites, naturals and sandy colours gives a good base to build on. Add pops of blues, corals and seagrass greens to bring home that feeling of being by the ocean. For the best look, choose tones that appear slightly faded or sun bleached. Don’t be afraid to play with patterns either.

Beachy colours we love:
Dulux beach colours
Hamptons Inspired Sleepout in a Star Cabin Kitset by SheShed

OUR 3x3 STAR CABIN – A great example of using blues & whites to create a Coastal feel.


A She Shed already comes with a stunning wooden floor. If you’ve painted your She Shed, you can leave the floorboards in their natural wooden state (remember we love naturals for a coastal She Shed!). Or, if you do choose to paint your floor, a white wash gives it that light beachy feel. As with any room, a rug pulls it all together. Keeping with the naturals theme, you could use a jute, rope or seagrass rug. Or if you’re choosing a material rug, keep with those natural tones.


Lighting is a lovely way to bring ambience to your coastal She Shed, and means you can enjoy your shed day or night!

To keep to the natural themes, choose lights that have wood, rattan or rope elements. A lamp shade can tie the whole room together.

Lights we love:


Fabrics is one of the easiest and most obvious ways to bring the beach vibe into your She Shed. Just think natural colours like a beachy sand shade, or blues and stripes. But remember, beachy decor doesn’t always have to come in shades of blue. Layered whites and off-whites make a room look both lovely and lived in. A white or off-white couch makes the colours around it pop.

Star Cabin beach whites couch interior

Beachy fabrics we love:


When creating a coastal vibe at home, naturals are your friends. Use furniture with reclaimed or distressed wood, jute, cane/rattan and even rope elements.

Beachy furniture we love:
Beach Furniture for a cabin by the sea
Beach Furniture for a cabin by the sea
Beach furniture for a cabin by the sea
Outhouse studio used as a guest bedroom NZ 30m2


Finally, our favourite part! Your chance to fill your She Shed with beachy accessories. Visit local opshops or auction sites and see if you can find any old nautical artefacts. Driftwood and shells are an easy way to add to the feeling of being by the beach. Continue the natural theme with rattan baskets, wood products or rope decorations. Artificial plants (or real if you have a green thumb) are a nice way to bring the outdoors inside.

Bring the beach home and create your own coastal getaway with a She Shed!

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