Approval information for your SheShed

When it comes to creating your personal haven with a SheShed cabin in Australia, we are here to support your navigating the rules and regulations regarding council consent. Each state has its own set of guidelines and understanding them is key to enjoying your SheShed without any hiccups. Many of our cabins don't need any approval at all!

Approval information by State

Click on the links below to view the official regulations for each State on their local governmental websites. (Links open in a new tab.)

New South Wales (

Queensland (

Australian Capital Territory (

Victoria (

Tasmania (

South Australia (

Western Australia (

Northern Territory (

SheShed Customer Fit-outs

At SheShed, we’ve had many customers create stunning sanctuaries, some including bathrooms or other plumbing facilities like basins and sinks. We recommend adhering to your local rules, and here are some examples of what our customers have achieved in their own SheShed cabins and backyard sheds:

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Key Factors to Consider:

Some important factors to consider when determining whether your cabin needs council approval include:

  1. What state you are in: Different stated have different approval rules and guidelines.
  2. Size of your Cabin: The size of your SheShed cabin is a significant factor influencing the need for council consent.
  3. Distance from boundary: Regulations may vary based on how far your cabin is situated from the property boundary.
  4. Plumbing: If your SheShed includes plumbed facilities, additional regulations may apply.
  5. Height of your cabin: Different states have specific height restrictions for structures, so it’s crucial to be aware of these limits.
  6. Number of Dwellings/SheSheds: The total number of structures on your property may impact council consent requirements.
  7. Urban or Rural Zone: Whether your property is in a suburban or rural zone can influence the regulations you need to follow.
  8. Purpose of use: In many areas, what you are using your cabin for can affect whether you need an approval or not. If your shed use is described in the class 10a building criteria, you won't need approval.

SheShed Katoomba Brook River Display Cabin

Step into the cozy charm of our Brook River Display cabin at the SheShed Showroom and office in Katoomba. This display wonderfully showcases how a SheShed can effortlessly become a versatile, multi-zone living space. We've added a delightful pre-fabricated bathroom pod from the folks at Add-a-Bathroom to enhance its features. And here's a little secret for our SheShed customers – quote your order and enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on all Add-a-Bathroom products. It's our way of adding a touch of comfort to your SheShed experience.

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How SheShed can assist

Our team is here to guide you to the right places for the council consent process in Australia. We can assist you in understanding and navigating the specific regulations in your state, and who you need to get in touch with, ensuring a reduced-hassle experience.

Contact SheShed: For any inquiries regarding council consent for your SheShed cabin in Australia, reach out to our expert team at 1800 316 583.

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