Bee Inspired: A Masterclass in Styling Your SheShed Backyard Cabin

Four years ago, Christina found her home here and noticed something unusual during the first spring and summer – there were no bees. Determined to change that, she planted flowers, trees, and shrubs. By the next year, bees filled the air, earning the place the name Bee Valley. This thriving partnership with nature inspired her new business, reflecting the harmony between the flower farm and the valley views.

A Flourishing Flower Farm

Christina transformed a farm paddock into a small-scale, rustic, and beautifully simple flower farm. Naturally grown flowers in a myriad of colours fill the fields, creating a vibrant landscape. As her business grows, Christina is thrilled to introduce the Bee Valley Cabin, a new addition for visitors to enjoy.

"I would describe the flower farm as small scale, Rustic and simple, beautiful."

The Bee Valley Cabin: Rustic Charm Meets Nature

The Bee Valley Cabin perfectly embodies Christina’s rustic, nature-focused lifestyle. Designed to complement the aesthetics of the flower farm, the Cabana with Canopy cabin features Nordic Spruce timber walls, ceilings and floors, protected with a couple of coats of polyurethane for durability. The extended canopy enhances the indoor-outdoor flow, making the space feel even more expansive. The deck is stained to match the timber boards, ensuring a cohesive look.

"Prior to decorating, the cabin interior is already  a nature lovers dream, the pitched wooden ceiling and wooden floors are stunning and add natural warmth and a rustic feel to the space." 

Thoughtful Interiors with a Natural Touch

Inside, the cabin's white-painted timber walls and restored thrifted bamboo furniture create a cosy, natural atmosphere. Copper accents and real plants add to the rustic charm, while hidden bee motifs nod to the buzzing friends.

"Copper is my metal of choice and features in the lighting. As a nature lover, of course there are real plants and an array of rattan and wicker items throughout the cabin."

Practical Design for a Seamless Experience

Christina’s approach to the cabin's design was meticulous. She planned the interior layout, power points, and window placements to ensure functionality and comfort. Key items like extra pillows, blankets, and storage solutions were thoughtfully incorporated to make the space practical and welcoming.

Outdoor Features for Year-Round Enjoyment

The deck and outdoor kitchen were essential additions, providing a seamless transition from the cabin to the outdoors. The elevated deck offers stunning valley views, while the covered canopy allows for year-round enjoyment.

The outdoor kitchen, complete with a patio blind, is perfect for preparing meals and enjoying the fresh air. Christina even leaves a vase and scissors for guests to cut their own flowers, adding a personal touch to their stay.

"The outdoor kitchen enables guests to be able to cook and prepare camp style meals and of course do their dishes and is a place to relax and sit in the sun.  We added a patio blind to protect the area from rain and wind when required."

Bringing It All Together

For those looking to style their cabins or backyard studios to reflect their business themes, coordination between interior and exterior design is crucial. At Bee Valley, Christina uses natural, rustic elements to create a cohesive and beautiful experience. Simple touches like inviting guests to pick their own flowers enhance the connection between the cabin and the flower farm.

"When designing your cabin, think about key words that describe your business and let them guide your choices. For us, it's simple, natural, rustic, and beautiful," Christina advises. "By following these principles, you can create a space that truly reflects your business and provides a memorable experience for your guests."

Christina's vision for Bee Valley is a testament to her passion for nature and simplicity. By thoughtfully blending rustic charm with functional design, she has created a unique retreat that guests will cherish. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your own SheShed cabins or tiny home, Bee Valley offers a perfect example of how to create a harmonious and inviting space.

The stunning images in this article are by Charmaine Adlam Photography

Dreaming of Your Own Cabana With Canopy? Here's the Lowdown on This Stunning SheShed

Build Information:

  • Est. Build Time: 2-4 Days (2 People are recommended)
  • Skill Level: DIY / Home Handyman. Sound building knowledge or trade skills are recommended.

Included in Your Kitset:

  • Double French Doors (W24H)
  • Single Top-Hung Window (W44)
  • Asphalt Roofing Shingles
  • Non-Toxic Pressure Treated Timber
  • Sustainably Sourced Nordic Spruce
  • Doors & Windows HQ Double Glazed

Shed Dimensions:

  • 3m x 4m = 12 square metres
  • Canopy = 3m x 3m = 9 square metres
  • Total footprint = 21 square metres
  • Height (External): 2.79 Metres (Excluding foundation)
  • Wall Thickness: 28mm

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